Take Control of your Health by Elaine Hollingsworth


At last… a No-Holds-Barred Book that Exposes the Lies the Food Industry and Drug Manufacturing Giants Have Been Telling Us For Years and What You Can Do To Lead An Improved and Healthier Life!

Millions of people are suffering needlessly as a direct result of the food industry and the drug manufacturers’ unconscionable zeal to earn hundreds of billions of dollars, aided and abetted by scientists who have been paid handsomely to fudge, even falsify, test results.

Hello Friend,

My anger and disgust drove me to write this book, which has now sold over 500,000 copies, and inspired people all over the world to join our crusade against the multi-national pharmaceutical giants.

It is customary for writers and publishers to have their work scrutinised by lawyers prior to publication in order to preclude the possibility of lawsuits from companies who feel affronted by statements and evidence presented which are critical of their products, commercial practices and ethics.

I have chosen not to do so.

Instead I have gone to extreme lengths to ensure the accuracy of my statements and the veracity of my evidence. Any offence and distress caused to organizations and companies criticized in this book is entirely intentional. They deserve it!

It is the least I can do in defence of the millions of their victims who have suffered much more than distress as a result of their disgraceful, self-interested conduct. In particular, should any of those I have singled out for dishonourable mention feel that my attack is unwarranted in their case, I would welcome the opportunity to debate the issue with them in court and in public. I can assure them that there is now a massive and growing worldwide audience of victims and their relatives who would be very interested to hear their defences. If they have any.

Allow Me To Share Conclusions Based Upon Sound Science

In my campaign and research I have been joined by independent and caring physicians, biochemists, scientists, individuals and organizations who have helped expose the extent of fraud and dishonesty, not only amongst their peers, but at the highest levels of government.

I can promise you that not one of these people is in the employ of multinational corporations. They are dedicated men and women whose conclusions are based upon sound science, not upon the propaganda, the power and the coercion of the legal drug industry.

Because they are free to speak their minds, they are the only scientists I trust.

Their opinions rarely find their way into the establishment media which is, like much of the world, under multi-national domination.

There is more to this book…

“Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” reveals damning evidence of the lengths to which corporations and governments will go in order to maintain high levels of profitability, regardless of their often catastrophic effects on the health of those they claim to serve. But there is more to this book than attacks on big business and the medical and health industries.

Throughout its pages you will discover well-researched and proven alternatives to expensive medication and surgical procedures, as well as learning about commonly held “beliefs” and even maladies which are nothing more than the inventions of marketing experts to help sell more products.

This remarkable book will show you how to:

Determine which foods and which minerals build bone mass
Prevent/reverse osteoporosis
Substitute safe remedies for dangerous HRT
Avoid food and beverages that cause bones to dissolve
Avoid/reverse all female (and male) complaints without drugs
Prevent/reverse impotence and prostate illnesses
Use simple, natural remedies for many common ailments
Discover the only progesterone that is effective, does not contain    preservatives, and costs a few cents per day
Banish constipation
Rejuvenate your skin naturally
Banish brain fog
Prevent breast cancer
Sail through menopause, drug-free
Avoid a commonly prescribed drug that creates severe spinal degeneration, even in the young
Get a mineral that halts 40-50% of calcium loss
Get a Peruvian root vegetable that has been used for 10,000 years to promote bone density and make menopause easy, and costs a few cents a day
Plus much more...