Sweet Corn Balinese ~ Seed packet, Eden Seeds

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Sweet Corn Balinese ~ Eden Seed Packet


Two light yellow kernelled, medium sized cobs per, tall 2m plant. Thick stalk and heavy foliage also make it a good fodder and cover crop plant.


Corn, Sweet

Zea mays

Nutritious summer vegetable, originating from the Americas. Whilst open pollinated sweet corn is recorded as having significantly higher mineral and protein content (see ECO FARM page 38 - Charles Walters) and are tasty : they are not as sweet as the sickly sweet hybrid supermarket varieties of today. Very heavy feeder. Requires good soaking in dry weather. Grow as Maize and harvest as soon as silks turn brown. To save seeds, plant each variety at least 2 kilometres apart or at least at one month intervals to prevent cross pollination. Keeping varieties pure and saving seed is now very important. Sow after frost. (We cannot send to W.A. or Tasmania, check your local Eden Seeds outlets for Sweet Corn).

 4-7 seeds per gram

Corn, Sweet planting information:

When To Plant In Australia
Tropics: Any
Subtropic: Aug-Mar
Mild: Sep-Feb
Cold/Frost: Oct-Jan
Seed Sowing
Plant space cm: 20-30
Row space cm: 60-90
Depth cm: 2-3
Best soil temp: 16-35 °C
Sow after frost: Yes
Other Info
Number of seeds per gram: 4-7
Rate per hectare: 10-15kg
Average days to maturity: 80-100



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