Sundari CD Zingaia

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 The sensual beat begins again as Zingaia takes you on a new tantric journey into the delight of the senses. Their signature seductive feminine vocals, ancient Goddess chants, hypnotic rhythms and exotic melodies guide you into an ecstatic trance where electronic music meets the next global groove on this extraordinary CD. Acclaimed world music and electronica guru Mike Breene has outdone himself on this ground-breaking new album. This is a worldbeat masterwork of mesmerizing power that casts it’s goddess spell from start to finish. You’ll feel yourself come alive to sacred pleasure as you enter a dream zone of where you can connect to your own deepest desires. Let go into the light of beauty of your own awareness.

 Track Title Time 
1. Nagini 4.44
2. Sundari 4:30
3. Eri 4:25
4. Asherah 4:24
5. Songoma 5:05
6. Bhairavi 4:29
7. Apsara 5:05
8. Gaia 4:59
9. Hathor 4:56
10. Jai Jai 5:54
11. Spin It (Remix) 4:46


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