Detox Body Care Pack

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Get a gorgeous glow by revitalizing your body with our Detox Body Care Pack.

You will feel beautiful from the inside out by nourishing your body with these essential natural products.

Your Detox Body Care Pack Includes:

  • Body Brush - small
  • Good Vibes Body Scrub 250ml
  • Sexy Legs Foot & leg Gel 100ml
  • Jojoba Body Cream 200ml
  • Ishta 10 Day Detox Tea Powder 100g
  • Hemp Nut Milk Bag


VALUED $80.70 NOW ONLY $64.95

Get that gorgeous glow!


How to Use Your Detox Body Care Pack

Step 1: Brush

Palm Body Brush

  • Add a drop of good vibes body scrub to this body brush to really give your skin a beautiful lift


Step 2: Scrub

Good Vibes Body Scrub

  • Apply to damp skin in a circular motion, being sure to avoid delicate areas


Step 3: Soothe Tired Feet & Legs

Sexy Legs Foot & Leg Gel

  • After showering, pat dry and apply to feet and legs. Traditionally used to dispel fluid and soothe tired legs


Step 4:

Jojoba Body Cream

  • Once dry, apply to your body. This beautiful cream will nourish your glowing body with gentle, healing jojoba oil.


Step 5: Relax

Ishta 10 Day Detox Tea

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy your cup of detox tea
  • To make the tea:
    • place one heaped spoon of powder into a cup and pour freshly boiled water up to the brim
    • cover and allow to brew for 10 minutes
    • strain and drink
    • use for a maximum of 10 days

How amazing do you feel now? Beautifully hydrated, refreshed and glowing. Perfect for spring time!


Presented in a beautiful natural hemp nut milk bag, perfect for a variety of uses.

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