Silica 6c Owen Homeopathic Remedy

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Silica is a tissue salt that has traditionally been used for the relief of symptoms associated with frequent colds and earache, boils, abscesses, splinters, fragile skin when every little injury suppurates, weak nails with white spots.

Always read the label.  Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.  If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.

Silica – Pure Flint

Is a trace mineral, important for the development of strong bones, healthy skin, hair and connective tissue and as such is used in conditions associated with malnutrition and physical weakness. Silica, as a homoeopathic remedy, is commonly used in home prescribing for skin conditions such as boils, ingrown hairs, abscesses, and wounds that suppurate and are slow to heal. It may also be helpful for the ill effects of vaccination and accelerates the expulsion of foreign bodies, such as splinters. For this reason, care should be taken if the individual has artificial implants. It also has an affinity for conditions associated with nerves, glands and tubes in the body such as those of the ears and eyes.

Mental / Emotional Symptoms

Complaints which arise from lack of confidence, apprehension and anticipation. Weakness of mind and body. Sensitive to all impressions; easily startled at the least noise; timid with a lack of courage or resolve. Over worked mental and physical state where they are easily exhausted. Fixed or stubborn thinking.

Physical Symptoms

Head: Worse for uncovering and cold draft to the head. Easy perspiration of the head. Sick headaches which feel as if they are coming from the spine and located over one eye. Headache worse for exertion, motion, jarring, light, cold air, talking or straining at stools. Vertigo as if drunk, worse for looking up and better for wrapping warmly and lying on left side.

Eyes: Inflamed conditions of the eyes, swelling of tear duct. Styes. Disturbed vision. Disturbances in accommodation with no fixed focus.

Ears: Roaring or hissing in ears, sensitive to noise or deafness that improves with coughing or blowing the nose.

Feeling of blockage in the ear which is made better with yawning or swallowing. Suppurative conditions of the ears.

Nose: Frothy nasal discharge, dry hard crusts in nose which bleed when loosened. Itchy at tip of nose, sneezing in the morning. Sinus conditions.

Mouth: Sensation of a hair on the tongue; gumboils and abscesses at the root of the teeth; rapid decay of teeth.

Throat: Colds that settle in the throat; tonsils swollen and suppurating with a sensation of a pin pricking.

Glandular swellings of the throat with pain on swallowing that are slow to resolve.

Chest: Chronic colds that settle in the chest. Violent cough when lying down with a thick yellow lumpy expectoration. Anxiety worse for lying on left side. Colds which recur or are slow to resolve.

Back: Irritation after injury. Weakness, decay and disease of vertebrae.

Limbs: Problems associated with fingernails; white spots on nails; rough, yellow and brittle. Sweaty hands and armpits. Parts lain on go to sleep. Icy cold and sweaty feet. Soreness in feet from the instep through to the sole.

Glands: Lymph nodes of the groin, armpits or throat swollen, enlarged, painful and slow to resolve their inflammation.

Skin: Unhealthy, every injury suppurates. Silica helps to ripen and resolve abscesses and boils. Fistula, ulcers, keloids, or old scars that are raised, hard, shiny, and sore. Offensive sweat of the hands, feet and armpits. Cracks at the ends of fingers. The skin is dry & fragile and the nails are weak & break easily.

Female: Nipples sore or retracted, fistula, ulcers or abscesses of the breasts.

Rectum: Painful haemorrhoids. Anal fistula. Stool recedes after partial expulsion. Constipation before and during menses.

Temperature: Feels the cold intensely, hates drafts, wears lots of clothes. Cold hands and feet. Worse for bathing and uncovering the head especially.


  • Chilly
  • Pus formation
  • Pain like a pin pricking
  • Weakness of mind and body
  • Sensitive
  • Sweaty
  • Stubborn

Exciting causes

  • Getting cold
  • Malnutrition
  • Vaccination


Better:         Wrapping up warmly; warm weather, summer

Worse:       Drafts; open air; full moon; storms; cold drinks; vaccination

Desires:     Cold drinks; cold food; ice cream; milk; bread

Aversions:   Hot food; meat; mother’s milk; cheese; milk


Homoeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing that gently and safely restores health and vitality to the mind and body by encouraging the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. This makes it an empowering tool for parents in the nurturing and health care of their children.
Homoeopathy recognises that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony and that it is the patient who needs treatment - not the disease.
Homoeopathic medicine is understood to act by stimulating a healing response in the body by way of its similarity to the existing complaint. 
Homoeopathy follows definite scientific laws of preparation, prescription and cure.

  Taking of Homoeopathic Remedies

  • The remedies are absorbed in the mouth, so are best held in the mouth for several minutes before swallowing. In the case of pilules, allow them to dissolve under the tongue.
  • Unless the dose is very frequent, half an hour before meals, or between meals, is the best time to take your dose. However, 10 minutes before or after a meal or taking a drink, is acceptable.
  • Do not use peppermint toothpaste, or drink strong peppermint tea, or ordinary coffee as these may antidote your remedies.
  • Do not smoke, brush your teeth or gargle, or drink alcohol, within half an hour of taking remedies.
  • Do not touch the remedies with your hands. Liquids may be administered on a teaspoon, diluted with water. Likewise, when administering pilules to infants or small children, a teaspoon is helpful. Pilules can be rolled into the lid of the vial, and then dropped under the tongue.
  • If any pilules are dropped, they should be discarded and not returned to the bottle.
  • Store your remedies away from direct light and heat, and away from all strong smelling substances, particularly camphor, as the potency of the medicine will be weakened.
  • When using Homoeopathic remedies, do not use products such as "Vicks" or "Deep Heat", as these will antidote the remedy. There are very effective Homoeopathic creams which you can use instead when needed.
  • When taking more than one medicine, separate the doses by at least 10 minutes, preferably longer.
  • Store your medicines away from electrical appliances such as fridge, TV, microwave, clock radio and stereo.
When Giving Pilules is Difficult    
Remedies can be crushed into a fine powder between two clean spoons and a small amount dabbed on the tongue. Quantity is not important, as long as you get a little in there! Alternatively drop the remedy (no need to crush it) in a glass of (preferably) filtered or bottled water. Tap water is fine if it's all you have. Stir to disperse the energy through the water and either give the patient a sip or a teaspoon full. This glass of water can continue to be used for further doses and has the added benefit of saving on pilules. This is also a good way to give remedies in labour. Some women cannot bear the taste of the sugary pills, but will want to sip water anyway. You can give a combination of Rescue Remedy and Arnica throughout labour in this way. For pets, put the remedy in their drinking water.
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