Sepia 6c Owen Homeopathic Remedy


Sepia is a homeopathic remedy that may be helpful for menstrual symptoms with irregularity, dragging pains and heaviness. It may assist with hot flushes and headaches at menopause in women who are emotionally worn down, irritable and indifferent with aversion to consolation and a desire to be left alone. Dancing or exercise usually makes them feel better.

Always read the label. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.  If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.

Sepia officinalis – Cuttlefish ink

Remedy picture as described in traditional homoeopathic texts.

Considered predominantly to be a woman’s remedy, Sepia is mainly used in home prescribing to treat issues surrounding hormonal imbalance and exhaustion from over work. It affects venous circulation especially the female pelvic organs where symptoms seem to settle in the lower back area and move upward towards the head.

Mental / Emotional Symptoms

Weak, weary and miserable, pessimistic and indifferent. Dragged down by over work. Can reject those most loved, the family. Easily moved to tears when describing symptoms. Aversion to sex. Hysterical, irritable, quarrelsome. Afraid of not coping and losing control. Seeks solitude yet fears it. Fantasises about running away. Resentful of one’s lot. Dull, confused, poor memory.

Physical Symptoms

Headaches: With nausea, worse for stuffy rooms, menstruation, noise. Pains in forehead, temples or one side (left) boring, bursting, dull with inability to think. Pain causing head to jerk.

Female: ‘never well since’ puberty, childbirth, weaning or hormone therapy. Weak pelvic floor muscles with a dragging or bearing down sensation of the uterus or pelvic region, as if everything would fall out. Wants to sit down with crossed legs. Prolapsed uterus. Sensation of a “ball” in pelvis. Dryness. Amenorrhoea, menses late and scanty or early and profuse. Leucorrhoea, yellow-green, offensive and irritating. Hot flushes with little redness, but with sweating, fainting or weakness. Menopause symptoms.

Circulatory: Palpitations, congested veins. Nervous palpitations better for walking fast, lying on left side.

Stomach and abdomen: Nausea in the morning before food, faint sinking feeling. Flatulence and tenderness. Congestion in liver, better for lying on the right side. Longing for vinegar, acids, pickles and sweets. Acidity with a burning sensation in pit of stomach. Really hungry or no hunger at all; sudden hunger and sudden satiety. Constipation with no urging for days.

Pregnancy and Birth: Constipation, pigmentation of skin, thrush, incontinence, painful teeth. Prolapse after birthing. A tendency to miscarriage. Vomiting of solid food only or milky fluids during pregnancy in the morning.

Skin: Yellowish complexion. Usually chilly, but sweats easily from armpits and back. Blotched, raw, rough or cracked skin, spots on skin, ringworm. Hair loss especially after menopause.

Temperature: Very chilly and easily chilled, hands cold in warm room, hot hands with cold feet or visa versa. Cold in spots; on top of head, between scapulae, feet. Feels cold in bed.

Urinary: Incontinence, with bearing down sensation above pelvis. Cutting pain before urination. Bedwetting. Urine thick, foul or red, with sandy sediment.

Pains: Dull aching, dragging or heavy pains in lower back, sacrum or across hips extending forwards.

Spasms, jerking, twitches or sudden stiches as if ‘struck by a hammer’. Shuddering pains. Pains are worse for lying on back and motion.


  • Weary and indifferent
  • Heavy dragging sensation
  • Sad and irritable
  • Chilly

Exciting causes:

  • Anger and vexation
  • Over-lifting
  • House work
  • Getting wet
  • Boiled milk, fat
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Contraceptive pill
  • Hysterectomy
  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood
  • Menopause


Better:         Vigorous exercise and dancing; open air and wind; warmth of bed

Worse:       Consolation; cold; standing still; menstruation; pregnancy; lactation; tobacco; mental fatigue

Desires:        Vinegar; pickles; acidic and bitter foods; alcohol; chocolate; cold drinks

Aversions:   Meat; break; milk; fats; rich food; smell of food


Homoeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing that gently and safely restores health and vitality to the mind and body by encouraging the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. This makes it an empowering tool for parents in the nurturing and health care of their children.
Homoeopathy recognises that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony and that it is the patient who needs treatment - not the disease.
Homoeopathic medicine is understood to act by stimulating a healing response in the body by way of its similarity to the existing complaint. 
Homoeopathy follows definite scientific laws of preparation, prescription and cure.

  Taking of Homoeopathic Remedies

  • The remedies are absorbed in the mouth, so are best held in the mouth for several minutes before swallowing. In the case of pilules, allow them to dissolve under the tongue.
  • Unless the dose is very frequent, half an hour before meals, or between meals, is the best time to take your dose. However, 10 minutes before or after a meal or taking a drink, is acceptable.
  • Do not use peppermint toothpaste, or drink strong peppermint tea, or ordinary coffee as these may antidote your remedies.
  • Do not smoke, brush your teeth or gargle, or drink alcohol, within half an hour of taking remedies.
  • Do not touch the remedies with your hands. Liquids may be administered on a teaspoon, diluted with water. Likewise, when administering pilules to infants or small children, a teaspoon is helpful. Pilules can be rolled into the lid of the vial, and then dropped under the tongue.
  • If any pilules are dropped, they should be discarded and not returned to the bottle.
  • Store your remedies away from direct light and heat, and away from all strong smelling substances, particularly camphor, as the potency of the medicine will be weakened.
  • When using Homoeopathic remedies, do not use products such as "Vicks" or "Deep Heat", as these will antidote the remedy. There are very effective Homoeopathic creams which you can use instead when needed.
  • When taking more than one medicine, separate the doses by at least 10 minutes, preferably longer.
  • Store your medicines away from electrical appliances such as fridge, TV, microwave, clock radio and stereo.
When Giving Pilules is Difficult    
Remedies can be crushed into a fine powder between two clean spoons and a small amount dabbed on the tongue. Quantity is not important, as long as you get a little in there! Alternatively drop the remedy (no need to crush it) in a glass of (preferably) filtered or bottled water. Tap water is fine if it's all you have. Stir to disperse the energy through the water and either give the patient a sip or a teaspoon full. This glass of water can continue to be used for further doses and has the added benefit of saving on pilules. This is also a good way to give remedies in labour. Some women cannot bear the taste of the sugary pills, but will want to sip water anyway. You can give a combination of Rescue Remedy and Arnica throughout labour in this way. For pets, put the remedy in their drinking water.