Pyrite, small - 1 piece


Pyrite gains its name from the Greek word, Pyr, meaning fire because it will create sparks when struck against metal or stone. A stone of “hidden fire”, it is an Earth Element that resonates with fire energy. It attracts abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

Pyrite is a stone of vitality, action, and will. It is helpful to assist in resisting procrastination and “getting the job done”.

It is also a unique protection stone. Pyrite has the ability to draw energy from the Earth through the physical body and aura, creating a protective shield against negativity and emotional harm.

It also defends against physical attacks and environmental pollution. Pyrite can also be useful in fighting colds, flu, and other viruses. It is used to reduce fever and inflammation and is a great source of protection for caregivers or medical workers.

Pyrite also helps one develop the courage to be assertive and take action against the mistreatment of others.


Individuals that perform hazardous or dangerous work in their careers would benefit from carrying pyrite on their person. It is a talisman for firemen, blacksmiths, or individuals in the building trades such as construction workers.

In the workplace, Pyrite encourages leadership qualities. An individual seeking a promotion or someone already in a managerial position would profit from this.

Emotionally, pyrite allows us to be more insightful and see “under the surface” of words and actions, revealing the true meaning. If one is unable to overcome fears and take action, pyrite can help motivate the courage to empower one’s spirit. Pyrite encourages one to become more confident and assertive.

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