Polished Palm Stone crystal - Selenite

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Selenite can heal the emotional energy when it has been damaged. When paired with other crystals, such as Agate, Pink Tourmaline, and Epidote, the effects can be greatly magnified. In the book of stones, Naisha Ahsian says, “Selenite’s calcium-and-sulfur base stimulates the emotional body and compels one to move forward with one’s life. It aids in overcoming stagnation and prevents one from succumbing to the illusions of ‘security’ and ‘comfort’.”

Selenite is a very powerful so we have to be careful not overuse it. Selenite works fast so we have to pay very close attention to how we feel emotionally when using it to heal. It can bring our emotional body to a good place, but if we aren’t careful we could over do it and confuse the emotional body. In The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing, Philip Permutt says Selenite is “good for emotions linked to cycles and repeated patterns whether physical, such as the menstrual cycle, or behavioral. It is also good for recovery from abuse.”