Pacific Perfumes


Original range of solid perfumes in sustainable wooden pots celebrate the essence of New Zealand and the South Pacific.The original range of Pacific Perfume solid perfumes are inspired by the beauty and essence of Aotearoa and the South Pacific.

They are created from Essential oils and fragrance compounds (man made) and blended into a creamy solid base. 

Simply elegant in design, these cream perfume wooden pots are inspired by the flora of the South Pacific. They're many things - compact, everlasting, and beautiful to touch. A clever snap to system keeps them secure. 

Packaged in eco-friendly sustainable Beech wood, sourced from certified sustainable New Zealand forests, a new tree is planted for every one that is logged. 

The pots come in two different colours that celebrate the 'Land of the Long White Cloud': White Sand and Vibrant Earth, and are sealed with a lacquer certified by the European Standards Authority.

Pacific Perfumes products contain no animal ingredients and they are strongly against products that have been tested on animals.
Pacific Goddess
Inspired by the mysticism of the female deities in the Pacific, Pacific Goddess is strong, creative and nurturing, dramatic Alahehe, Goddess of Love, Hina, Goddess of the Moon, Patroness of Travellers, and Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother of all. Born of volcanic mythical legends, this wonderful blend is their most popular solid perfume fragrance.Test the waters! Its both soft and intensely rich, full of spicy yet delicate vanilla extracts. 
Island Passion
A complex, dramatic and smoldering blend, layered with spicy, balsamic and sweet woody base notes. Set the scene. Beautiful in both cool and hot climates, Island Passion is easily a celebration of red streaked sunsets, swaying palms and lagoons. A piece of the Pacific in a pot. 
The sacred flower of the Pacific. Harmonious, sweet intoxicating Frangipani blossoms with a fresh hint of citrus. Known as Plumeria in Hawaii, to wear a Lei of these flowers is a delight to the senses! Inspiring ancient Polynesian legends of love, the complex floral aroma with its elements of orange flower, jasmine and rosy fragrance creates Fiji, Samoa, Aitutaki in a single breath.
Love the Mango
Top notes of lime and black pepper essential oils are a subtle introduction to the first notes of the Queen of Fruits. Then richness and colour burst forth and the Mango heart emerges: sweet, luscious and juicy. So...Love. So... Mango. And so easy to wear!
Forest of Ferns
Aotearoa's forests of ferns lie hidden amongst the native wilderness until sunlight discovers the pathway through the giant trees. Suddenly a sparkle as the fresh green fern fronds uncurl and reach out. A green zesty fragrance with top notes of Lime, bergamot and basil partnered with a touch of earthy vetiver that revives and stimulates the senses.
Fresh, joyful and welcoming a solid Perfume with the essence of Hawaii and her Islands. Think tropical evening after sunset where the earth is still pulsating with the scent of fruits and flowers. This deeply layered fragrance includes fresh notes of Bergamot touched with Cedarwood and Pomegranate.