Olive Leaf, Organically grown Olea europaea


Olive leaf   ( Olea europaea  ) is Organically grown in Croatia


Cautions   please be aware that herbs, although natural can interact with certain medications, and that they may be ill advised to use under certain health conditions.  Please consult a qualified health practitioner for cautions pertinent to you.

No therapeutic claim   is made or intended for this product.  Information is for educational purposes only. 

Please Note   The combined weight of each individual herb powder will be packed in one bag unless you specify otherwise.  Ie if you order 2x50g, it will be packed as 1 x 100g 


Further interesting reading...

There are some medicinal herbs which have been present in the treatment of health problems for so long, that they are often overlooked.   Olive Leaf, is one of these herbs. The Olive Leaf was once considered one of the best natural herbs to be taken during ancient times. Today its benefits are being rediscovered due to all of its nourishing properties. In particular, Olive Leaf is quickly gaining a reputation for its potential in being effective in supporting the body's natural defense systems while also promoting healthy cholesterol levels.
Olea europaea has been cultivated for thousands of years for its reputation as one of the best natural herbs, but only recently has the full immune and circulatory potential of Olive Leaf been under consideration. The Olive Leaf comes from a small, evergreen tree, which grows to about twenty feet or more in height. Native to Asia Minor and Syria, the Olive Leaf is cultivated in several Mediterranean countries, Chile, Peru and South Australia.
The benefits of Olive Leaf are recently emerging as a most promising and unique medicinal herb with multiple applications. Olive Leaf  has been thought to have a recognizable therapeutic action against many common conditions as a powerful defender against sickness. Numerous scientific studies are currently being conducted to investigate the beneficial properties of the Olive Leaf herb. Some of these range from promoting increased energy and healthy blood pressure, to supporting the cardiovascular system and the immune system.

The leaves are astringent and antiseptic. Both leaves and bark have valuable febrifugal qualities. The oil is a nourishing demulcent and laxative. Externally, it relieves pruritis, the effects of stings or burns, and is a good vehicle for liniments. With alcohol it is a good hair-tonic. As a lubricant it is valuable in skin, muscular, joint, kidney and chest complaints, or abdominal chill, typhoid and scarlet fevers, plague and dropsies. Delicate babies absorb its nourishing properties well through the skin. Its value in worms or gallstones is uncertain. Internally, it is a laxative and disperser of acids, and a mechanical antidote to irritant poisons. It is often used in enemas. It is the best fat for cooking, and a valuable article of diet for both sick and healthy of all ages. It can easily be taken with milk, orange or lemon juice, etc.