Manual Capsule Making Machine 100 capsule Capule size #0

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Manual Capsule Making Machine 100 capsule

Empty Capsule Filling Machine, 100 Holes, Size 0, Capsule Filler, Plate Food Grade 0 #

Color: For Photo
Material: Plexiglass, Plastic
Size: 0 #
Powder Fill Rate: 100%
Capsule Percent Pass: ≥ 99.8%
Size (L * W * H): 16cm x 16cm x 6cm / 6 , 3 '' x 6.3 '' x 2.4 ''

Package Includes: 1 Body Plate 1 Alignment Plate 1 Cover Plate 1 Center Plate 1 Powder Spreader 1 Powder Press Plate 1 Handle
Features: 10x10 holes, 100 holes in total. Ideal for personal use, Professional Grade laboratory use, university, sample testing.
Easy to use and of various sizes. How it works:

1. Take the plate from the lid. Place it on a clean, dry surface.
2. Place the alignment plate on the cover plate.
3. Pour the capsule caps onto the alignment plate and, with a circular motion, gently shake the caps into the holes.
4. When the holes fill with the caps, pour the excess caps.
5. Now take the body plate. Attach the alignment plate to the body plate.
6. Pour bottoms into alignment plate and shake as before to fill holes. Pour excess funds
7. Pour a spoon of powder filler onto the body plate and use the spreader to fill the funds.
8. Take the full cover plate and place the center plate on top.
9. Rotate the lid plate / middle plate and fix the body plate.
10. Using both hands and the same pressure, press down once to fit both sides of the capsule.

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