Lettuce, Cos Verdi ~ Seed packet, Eden Seeds

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Lettuce, Cos Verdi ~ Eden Seed Packet


Crisp, unique sweet flavour. Heads are open and upright, leaves with smooth edges. Sow spring and autumn. 78 days.



Lactuca sativa

One of oldest, most popular salad vegetables, spread from India in ancient times and enjoying a resurgence. Varieties available for all seasons. Mostly dislikes very hot conditions and will tolerate some shade. Rich well drained soil. Best on near neutral soils.

 600-1000 seeds per gram

Lettuce planting information:

When To Plant In Australia
Tropics: Feb-Nov
Subtropic: Any
Mild: Any
Cold/Frost: Sep-May
Seed Sowing
Plant space cm: 20-30
Row space cm: 35-50
Depth cm: 0.6
Best soil temp: 8-27 °C
Other Info
Number of seeds per gram: 600-1200
Rate per hectare: 1-2kg
Average days to maturity: 60-85



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