Igniting Soul Fire ~ Spiritual Dimensions of the Bach Flower Remedies

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 Edward Bach's discovery of the vibrational healing properties derived from the essences of plants - the famous Bach Flower Remedies - is now the basis for one of the best-known alternative medicine systems in the world, yet Mack shows that this system is even wider ranging. Dr Bach was a true mystic and healer, and at the same time a bacteriologist who practiced homeopathy and meditated deeply on the causes of illness. His studies led him to believe that personalities fall into 'soul-types', and that an awareness of these can permit the subtle application of specific remedies to aid soul-growth. Mack reconstructs this theory for the contemporary user and links it to the chakras and the zodiac. She shows how, through careful attention to the twelve 'Great Healers' among the remedies, the seven 'Helpers', and the nineteen final remedies, we can face our emotional dragons and generate major change in our selves: transformation. The author has unique experience both sides of the Atlantic working with the Bach remedies, having studied with a number of principal Bach practitioners. Out of Bach's writings and her own experience, she extracts a deeper formula linked with both the chakras and the zodiac. The beginner will find a newer, fuller Dr Bach in this book; the practitioner will be taken further in his or her studies.


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