Himalayan Salt Lamp 8-12 kg natural shape

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This 8-12kg salt lamp sits on a 140-170mm (7 inch) Onyx Base. Height ranges between 250mm-350mm depending on the shape of the lamp.  Ideal for home use

Himalayan salt crystal lamps  emit negative ions or positive energy waves into the air, which have been found to provide healing effects, while creating a comforting and relaxing ambience in any indoor space. 

Legend has it that this salt was discovered by the horses of Alexander the Great.  The horses instinctively began licking the salty rocks for the minerals they were requiring.    There is now  an asthma clinic at the salt mines, where people go for asthma relief by spending time breathing the salt infused air inside the mountain.  This improves respiration and helps alleviate asthma and other respiratory ailments.  Salt Lamps have similar beneficial effects. 

Places to Use Salt Lamps:

  • Home or office next to the computers, TV’s, microwaves and electrical equipment
  • Meditation area, healing or treatment room to create a soothing & healing environment
  • Shop, hotel lobby or reception area to create a warm, inviting and relaxing ambience
  • Boardroom, classroom or study area to enhance relaxation, attention and concentration  
  • Lounge, bedroom or entrance hall to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing ambience
  • Children’s room as a night light to provide comfort, induce relaxation and enhance sleep
  • Hospital or clinic to provide comfort and encourage the healing process 

Negative ions emitted by salt lamps have been found to have the following healing benefits:

  • Neutralise electromagnetic radiation emitted by computers, cell phone towers and televisions
  • Balance serotonin levels in the blood resulting in a relaxed state of being and enhanced sleep
  • Provide relief from, and heal the symptoms of, asthma, allergies, sinus and hay fever
  • Improved functioning of the respiratory system & enhanced oxygen utilization by the blood
  • Provide a calming, comforting and soothing effect so excellent for hyperactive children 
  • Clear dust, smoke, pollen and allergens from the air

Care and Maintenance:

Since the lamp is a salt crystal, it is hygroscopic and it naturally attracts moisture from the air.  As a result, if not switched on, the salt lamp may get moist and leak or create pools of water.  To prevent moisture from forming on or around the lamp, leave it switched on all the time.

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