Good Vibes Body Scrub 280gram

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This palm free scrub is just what your dry or dull skin needs.  Scrubs take the dead layers of skin off uncovering fresh new luminous skin, allowing for your moisturiser to work at it's optimum. 

Use: Apply to damp skin in a circular motion, being sure to avoid delicate areas. Be sure to moisturise after exfoliating.  Recommended to use once to twice per week.

Ingredients: Spring water, saponified organic cold-pressed oils of organic coconut, organic castor, organic olive, organic Australian hemp, Australian avocado oil, pumice, green argiletz clay, xantham gum, essential oil blend frankincense, sage, lavender, Australian Org sandalwood, juniper, cypress, rose, org cinnamon, org cape chamomile, org eucalyptus, org peppermint, sweet basil, Virginian cedarwood.

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