Golden Nag Palo Santo Incense sticks 15g

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Vijayshree Golden Series incense are premium masala based fragrances made with herbs, spices and floral extracts. 

Although we find the fragrances very pleasant, we must remember that the incense in the pure tradition is not for us but the perfumes are offered to the divintés. The place is then purified and the vibratory rate of the room is raised so that the vibrations are conducive to their coming and their presence.  The incense sticks are made on bamboo sticks. They are used as an offering in various traditional rituals. 

Golden incenses are presented in recyclable packaging, they do not contain toxic substances.
Burning time: about 30 minutes.
Approximately 12-15 sticks (15g).

Use incense in a ventilated room. Avoid breathing smoke. Use them only to perfume and impregnate the place. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave to burn without supervision. Check that the ashes fall into a suitable censer. Do not put in the mouth.

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