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Product Information

Suitable for making your very own synthetic fragrance free room diffusers.
Contains: 6 reed duffuser sticks
How to Make you own Reed Diffuser 

What you need:

How to Make it:

  1. Add your desired essential oil, essential oil combination or aromatherapy blend to your bottle.

  2. Add 100ml of perfume base

  3. With your thumb sealing the opening (or using another cap that fits), give it a little shake to dissolve the essential oils. (take care not to spill the alcohol as it may damage the paint on the outside of the bottle.

  4. Add 100ml of spring, filtered or distilled water.

  5. Place the cap in place if you are giving it to someone else.

  6. Leave the cap off and place the sticks in the opening to use.

  7. The essential oils will work their way up the reeds, the the breeze will disperse your aroma of choice in the area this is placed.

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