Ere Perez Oat Milk Liquid Foundation

The natural liquid foundation you’ve been waiting for. A uniquely gentle, non-greasy formula incorporating natural oats for a nourishing consistency. Provides medium coverage, while still allowing skin to breathe. Perfect for sensitive and problem skins, as it doesn’t add impurities to your pores. It’s long-lasting and sweat-proof, and the perfect base for natural blush or bronzer. Prepare skin with good-quality moisturiser and allow to sink in. Then, apply liquid foundation with our Foundation & Concealer Brush for the flawless skin you crave and to enhance your natural beauty.

Light - Light colour for the fairest skins

Light Medium - Light-Medium colour for honey blondes, light-brunettes and light freckles.

Medium - Medium colour for middle-of-the-spectrum skin. For those whose skin goes noticeably darker in summer, for olive and yellow-based skins.