Doorways to Awakening ~ Hawthorne, Orion & Tarabilda, Edward

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What is your unique path to Self Realization, to Awakening? Each path is related to a planetary archetype. Is your primary Doorway to Awakening related to: ·the Moon - the path of Devotion, Bhakti ·Venus - the path of the Senses, Raj Yoga ·Saturn - the path of the Body, Hatha Yoga ·Mars the path of the Will, Shakti Kundalini ·Mercury - the path of the Intellect, Gyan Yoga ·Jupiter - the path of Selfless Service, Karma Yoga ·Rahu/Ketu - the path of the Iconoclastic Rebel, Tantra ·the Sun - some of each of the above, Surya Yoga Doorways to Awakening is a practical guide which elucidates the key elements of each of these eight paths, and how best to maximize your progress in your destined expansion of consciousness and spiritual development. How do you Awaken to the Truth of your Being, pure Awareness? The answer lies within.


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