NEW ~ DIY Calendula Skin Kit

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DIY Calendula Skin Kit


What the Kit Contains:

  • Calendula Flowers
  • Jojoba oil
  • Soothe Essential Oil Blend (Neroli, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile)
  • Epsom Salts
  • Emulsifier Wax
  • Triplox
  • Pumice
  • Pink French Clay
  • A 50ml Serum bottle (for your serum)
  • A 60g jar for your Mask
  • A 175g jar for your Bath Soak
  • A 125ml Flip Bottle for your exfoliant
  • A 125ml Flip Bottle for Moisturiser
  • Hemp Nut Milk Bag + instruction

What you need:

Saucepan | Kettle | Spatula | Whisk | Bowl | Funnel | Small Kitchen Scales | Purified water | Labels

What you will make from the kit:

  • Calendula Infused Oil
  • Soothing Face serum
  • Soothing Face Mask
  • Soothing Face Exfoliant
  • Soothing Face Milk Cleanser/Face Moisturiser ( 2 in 1 )
  • Soothing Bath Soak

Watch the Video now:

Making the infused oil

Add to saucepan on extremely low heat the Calendula Flowers & Jojoba oil. Warm with lid on for 30min (you could turn the heat off once the oil is “hot bath temperature” & leave the saucepan on the element.) Please hemp bag lined funnel into the bottle the jojoba was in. Pour all the contents into lined funnel carefully. Let sit to drain for a while, then squeeze all the oil out of the bag into the bottle. Waste not want not.

Making the facial serum

Pour 45ml of infused oil (that you made first) in the 50ml serum bottle. Add 10 drops of the Soothe essential oil blend. Cap and shake. Walaa!

Making the bath soak

Pour the Epsom salts into a bowl. Add a pinch of pink clay and mix well. Add a good pinch of the calendula flowers and mix well. Add 40 drops of the soothe essential oil blend and mix well. Pour carefully into the jar the Epsom was in and place lid on firmly. Let sit 24 hours before use.

Making the milk facial cleanser/light face moisturiser

Add 50g of infused oil and the emulsifying wax to your saucepan (you can just wipe any flowers out of it with a dry cloth or paper towel (no need to wash). Heat gently until the wax melts fully, stirring occasionally. Take off heat, add 100g boiled water & whisk. Add 140g of room temperature water and whisk. Add 3g triplox, 3g soothe essential oil blend, and whisk. Once it starts to thicken, fill the empty 125ml flip bottle up.

Making the facial exfoliant

Pour 100g of the Face Cream you have left over into a clean bowl. Pour the pumice granules on top, add a pinch of pink clay and whisk through. Pour this back into the flip bottle the pumice was in.

Making the face mask

Pour 50g of the Face Cream you have left over into a clean bowl. Pour the rest of the pink clay on top, and whisk through. Pour this back into the jar the pink clay was in.

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