Sulphur ~ Generator (each) small

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The energy of Sulphur is one of understanding and wisdom it carries calm into fire attitudes through its experience in that element but can motivate activate and empower where needed. Sulphur places the vitality and power of the fire element into the body allowing one to become physically radiant a shining light within the perception of self. It activates the willpower and guides in the appropriate use of that energy without ego. Increases creativity and imagination. Sulphur is an Important part of the shamanic traditions of earth and is a link stone to earths Fire elementals. From The Liquid Crystal Oracle.

Warning Poisonous

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No therapeutic claim is made or intended for these crystals.  Information is for educational purposes only.


Sulphur Generator ~ small

appx 6.5cm height, 5cm width


Sulphur Generator ~ large

appx 8cm height, 7cm width 

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