Chaparral powder, Larrea tridentata, Wildcrafted


Size: per gram (50g minimum)

Chaparral  ( Larrea tridentata  ) is wildcrafted  in Mexico


Creosote Bush, Chaparral, Breasewood, Gobernadora, Greasewood

Cautions   please be aware that herbs, although natural can interact with certain medications, and that they may be ill advised to use under certain health conditions.  Please consult a qualified health practitioner for cautions pertinent to you

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 Actions: A potent anti-inflammatory, and analgesic, anit-oxidant. Fights free radicals and chelates heavy metals. Some say that it has anti-HIV activity. Protects against harmful effects of radiation, sun exposure, and the formation of tumours and cancer cells. Relieves pain. Good for skin disorders. Chaparral has been used traditionally in treating arthritis. It also contains a powerful antioxidant shown to help prevent cell damage which can lead to cancer.
There are many claims made about chaparral leaf, known to the botanical community as Larrea tridentata. Some claim that dried Larrea tridentata is a wondrous natural herb that can cure everything from cancer to the common cold, while others claim that Larrea tridentata, while being an organic herb is actually a toxin that does more harm than good.


Aside from the fact that many of those claiming that organic chaparral leaf is poisonous work for the same large pharmaceutical corporations that continually work to deny healthcare to average working Americans, here are some hard facts about the herb known as Larrea tridentata:

Also known as the "creosote bush," Larrea tridentata is a flowering evergreen shrub native to the deserts of the Southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. One interesting characteristic of this plant, which was an important native American herb for centuries, is that it produces a sap that prevents competing species from growing near it. The plant from which we obtain organic chaparral leaf is virtually immortal; although its branches eventually die off, the crown of the bush literally clones itself. One Larrea tridentata growing in western San Bernardino County, California, appears to be over 11,000 years old.

As a medicinal herb, Indians of the Southwestern desert regions used the sap as a sunscreen as well as in the treatment of blood poisoning and liver disease. The dried herb, when brewed in tea and ingested, appears to help the body rid itself of parasites as well as chemical toxins. Some studies indicate that some extracts of Larrea tridentata have cancer-inhibiting properties as well. However, it also appears to contribute to the development of liver cancer in those who are genetically predisposed to the disease.
Not for use by those with kidney, lymph or liver problems. Recommended for external use only. Taken internally, especially in large doses and/or for prolonged periods, can cause liver damage. All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Please seek professional advice before commencing any treatment.


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