Chakra Healing Chants by Sophia (CD)


Internationally acclaimed recording artist, Sophia has been performing since the early seventies. Her music is healing, uplifting and inspiring. Her "voice of gold, full of power and love" is accompanied by her own inspired playing of the zither, tamboura, percussion, dulcimer and guitar.

Her best-known albums are Return, Hidden Waters/Sacred Ground (from where her offering on Sequoia's Musical Healing comes from), Emergence, and Journey Into Love. All invoke with a passionately sweet voice, inspirational songs about the transitions of life.

Chakra Healing Chants is Sophia's latest offering. With each track she uses pure vocal tones, which have a direct correspondence with the Hebraic Sephira on the Cabbalistic Tree of Life. Particular key frequencies help activate and send soothing and subtle energies into these body energy centers.

Sophia is joined by special guest artists: David Gordon- producer , shaman drums and native flutes (Sacred Drum Visions), Hans Christian (Rasa) on cello and exotic string instruments and Raphael (Music to Disappear Into) with keyboard orchestrations, Girish Gambhira (Krishna Das), Wynne Paris (Krishna Das) and Schawkie Roth (Balanced Music for Tai Chi). This is the perfect soundtrack for Yoga, Tantra and meditation for creating a sacred space.