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The Cap-M-Quik makes filling the Vcaps very quick and easy. Can fill 50 capsules at the same time.
The Tamper can be purchased separately to compact the powder within the capsules.

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The Cap-M-Quik® Capsule Filler is made of a very high strength polyresin plastic. Each capsule filler is specific to its capsule. For instance, a size '1' Cap-M-Quik® Capsule Filler will only fit size '1' capsules. Size '0' will only work with '0' capsules. Please select from the dropdown list provided.

The density of the powder, plus the capacity of the capsule (in ml) means that mgs can vary greatly. As an example, a size 1 capsule can hold approximately 300 to 600mg depending on the density of the powder. See below for a guide of capsule size:

Please note: Cap-M-Quik® accessory tamping tool sold separately. This allows you to fill more than one capsule at a time. You will need to sepcifiy capule size for tamper also.

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