Cabbage, Sugarloaf ~ Seed packet, Eden Seeds

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Cabbage, Sugarloaf ~ Eden Seed Packet


1-1.5kg large, conical shaped, sweet flavour, also good to use as a sweet tender salad green. Described in 1655 and mentioned in Australia in 1835. Sow end of summer to winter, also after last frost. Matures 70-85 days.



Brassica oleracea var. capitata

Possibly the most ancient of today's vegetables; cultivated for over 4000 years. Stores well in cool humid conditions. Likes rich well drained soil with pH above 6.0 and sunny position, keep well watered. Will cross-pollinate with other Brassicas to keep seed pure grow only one Brassica. Sow early spring, end of summer to winter, mature plants tolerate frost. 

200-380 seeds per gram

Cabbage planting information:

When To Plant In Australia
Tropics: All Year
Subtropic: All Year
Mild: All Year
Cold/Frost: Aug-May
Seed Sowing
Plant space cm: 35-60
Row space cm: 50-75
Depth cm: .5-1
Best soil temp: 10-35 °C
Other Info
Number of seeds per gram: 200-380
Rate per hectare: 300g
Average days to maturity: 60-110



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