Bloodroot Plus, 90 Capsules 300mg


 Each capsule contains 75mg of each of the following herbs: Chaparral, Bloodroot, Galangal, Graviola.  No fillers.  Veggie Caps, gelatin free.


  • Blood Root Powder                 Sanguinaria canadensis Wildcrafted in the USA
  • Chaparral aerials Powder       Larrea tridentata  Wildcrafted in Mexico
  • Galangal Root Powder            Alpinia galanga Organically grown in India
  • Graviola Leaf Powder             Annona muricata Wildcrafted in Peru

 also available in powder


Suggested Use: 1 capsule 3 times a day with food.  Do not take if pregnant.

Information for education purposes only.  No therapeutic claims are made about any product on this website