Atlantis Rising, The Struggle of the Darkness and Light ~ Patricia Cori

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"Atlantis Rising" takes the reader on a journey through the three cycles of Atlantean civilization, and the great cataclysm that brought it to an end. The book draws parallels between Atlantis and 21st century Earth societies, and the activities of the Secret Government and its plan for total world domination are described in depth. The story of the doomed inhabitants of Atlantis, the Yzhnuni and the Annunaki, is woven together with fascinating details about Atlantean technology and culture. Atlantis Rising; is a startling, gripping book, determined to & blow the tops" off our cages, as it opens us even more to the knowledge of how human beings have been manipulated as a race from the days of Atlantis, and how we can break free of the chains that have been placed upon us. It calls for all of humankind to rise against the Power - those who secretly rule over our world - and to reclaim our freedom as guardians of planet Earth and as sovereign beings of the greater galactic family.

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