Apatite chip bracelet

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Is your life in a bit of a funk at the moment. Is it hard to look for a promising horizon through the bleak clouds that encompass you? We all go through these rough times, these struggles that sometimes feel unbearable, but there is a way out. The way out is through a positive mentality. When bad things start to happen to us we sometimes feel as though the world is out to get us. Nothing is going right, and we may begin to think that nothing ever will. I tend to get myself in this situations quite frequently by overwhelming my mind with thoughts of negativity. I often begin assuming situations are going to occur before they ever do, and this leads my mind to wander and worry.

Take my mother, for example, such a lovely, big hearted woman. She cares for me so much that she often thinks the worst is going to happen to me because she doesn’t want it to. If she started thinking that only good things were going to happen to me. Only good things for good purposes, then she wouldn’t worry herself to death and stay up half the night wondering where I am.

It’s this constant worrying that causes her strife. It’s the assumptions that cause her so much grief when my phone dies and she can’t get ahold of me.

In order to begin thinking about only positive occurrences use blue apatite under your pillow when you sleep. Dedicate this stone to unlocking your imagination and promoting vividly beautiful dreams of only goodness. By concentrating your mind on righteous symbols from the depths of your subconscious you will be able to look to the future in the same manner.

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