Ancient Power Music CD Steve Gordon & Deborah Martin

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Ancient Power Music CD Steve Gordon & Deborah Martin

New Age Album of the Year - Finalist

This album is a healing, relaxation-trance journey, which transports you to an ancient world of timeless beauty. Serene Native-American Flute, soothing keyboards, ambient guitars and the gentle heartbeat of Tribal drums combine in this special collaboration between award-winning artist Steve Gordon and acclaimed composer Deborah Martin.

  1. Spirit of the Mountain


  1. Coming of the Wolf


  1. Heart of Fire


  1. Earth Dweller


  1. Ancient Power


  1. Sundancer


  1. Moon Over Cloudless Sky


  1. Wind of Spirits



This is a two-label collaboration that expresses several of the current musical trends, namely tribal and Native-Influenced music, as well as ambient/space music. And it does so with a generous dose of spirit and aural adventure, not to mention reverence and authenticity! Soaring melodies of Native-Influenced flute and lush textural landscapes transport you into a world of delicate beauty and untamed power. Undercurrents of thundering tribal drums, primal rhythms, spirit rattles, ocarinas, guitars and sculpted soundscapes connect you to the Earth and the wisdom of the Ancients. Deborah adds spacious elements that balance the rhythms, and she does so with great skill. Featured is special guest Edgar Perry, who is a White Mountain Apache, of the Eagle clan. Two labels, two artists joining forces to create powerfully evocative music of Earth and Spirit.
   —  Lloyd Barde

New Sounds
Two western instrumentalists, (Steve Gordon & Deborah Martin) are capable of passing from the keyboards and guitar to the more ethnic traditional instruments, like the rattles of the tortoise shell and deer bones, the stones, and the ceremonial belt of the Scimmia. And together with them, like the master inspirer, a wise Native American Edgar Perry, an Apache from Arizona, and a descendent of Aijo Quintero, the last Indian guide of Arizona, bestowed the grade of sergeant, Edgar believes in the power of the song in the oral story and of the traditions. For this, through the course of the years, he has collected the history of his people, crystallized in ancient myth and legends. But Edgar believes also in technological order. And for this he wanted to entrust it to a CD and to the modern technology of recording, the song of a world disappearing. So, in this disc it is the spirit of the ancient Apache people who sing of their Gods, like the spirit of the mountain, or of those who gave life on earth, of their rites, which are like the wolf or the moon that appear between the clouds. This is a project that unites the past and the present, and melds nature and man into a unified spiritual rhythm.

Health4You Most Popular 2017 Award