Making Natural Skincare 2 Day Course

making natural skincare

Making Natural Skincare Two Day Course 

Nourish your skin with natural and organic plant-based ingredients. Naturally grown, beautifully cared for and fresh ready for you to use.

You will design your own skincare using natural ingredients that are suited for your skin type.
No need for expensive chemical filled skincare, your creations are completely natural.
You will love your creations, because, the aroma, the nourishment, the ingredients, all designed for you.
You will craft and take home your very own:
🌿 face cleanser
🌿 face exfoliant
🌿 face serum
🌿 body wash
🌿 body lotion
🌿 body balm (intensive nourishment - great for dry hands, knees and heels)
🌿 hair cleanser
🌿 massage oil
🌿 essential oil blend (to roll on your skin)
🌿 body spritzer (or customise for your bedroom or bathroom)
🌿 Aromatherapy & Herbs Booklet
🌿 Recipes
All of this ready for you to take home!
With our booklets and recipes you can easily continue making your skincare at home.


"I have to say thank you again to you and your wonderful assistant Dani for such an informative and productive weekend of learning. Your generosity with sharing your amazing knowledge and products is so very appreciated"

Much love and thanks

Deryth and Denyce


 making natural skincare making skincare with essential oils making skincare with herbs

Want to know more?

This 'Making Natural Skincare Two Day Course' will teach you everything you need to know, to get you started and feeling confident that you can do this it at home.

You will receive:

  • Simple step-by-step instructions
  • Recipes and special formulas
  • Tips and advice if you have sensitive skin
  • All natural and organic ingredients provided for your creations
  • Loads of products to take home (completely created by you)
  • Healthy snacks & herbal tea during a quick break
  • Plenty of time to talk & ask questions with Toni McMahon (facilitator) 

You are going to love everything about these 2 days!

Will you create something for yourself? Or maybe a gift for a friend? Completely up to you!



diy skincare toni mcmahon facilitating making your own skincare course using herbs for skincare class

Here's the nitty-gritty...

Module 1: Essential Oils

In this module you will learn the fundamentals of essential oils, giving you the basics to start your skincare making journey.

  • Learning about the most commonly known essential oils and when to use them (e.g. Lavender)
  • Tips on using essential oils
  • Understanding the difference between an essential oil and carrier oil
  • How to store your essential oils (this is important)
  • Aromatherapy for Beginners  Booklet
  • Formulas for creating your very own essential oil blends
  • Recipes
  • Create and take home your very own
    • essential oil roller blend
    • massage oil
    • body spritzer (or customise for your bedroom or bathroom)

    herbs and oils for making your own skincare course

    Module 2: Herbs

    Toni McMahon will energise you as she shares her knowledge and experience with herbs.

    • Answering the big question 'What is herbal medicine'?
    • The history behind herbal medicine
    • Different forms of herbal medicine e.g. teas, syrups, oils, liquid extracts, tinctures, and dry extracts
    • The different parts of the plant, and how to use them
    • Blending herbs
    • Tips for quality control
    • Natural remedies
    • Herbs for Beginners Booklet
    • You will create:
      • a herbal tea to drink during the break
      • infused oil (which can be used as a face serum)

    herbal mix for diy skincare

    Module 3: Making Skincare

    Toni McMahon will share and reveal her skincare making secrets with you.

    • Discussing different types of skincare products
    • How to mix essential oils and herbs to create skincare
    • How to craft skincare for sensitive skin
    • Measurements and formulas
    • Recipes to get you started
    • Provide all of the natural / organic ingredients and bottles etc to create your skincare on the day
    • Craft your very own:
      • face cleanser
      • face exfoliant
      • body wash
      • body lotion
      • body balm (intensive nourishment - great for dry hands, knees and heels)
      • hair cleanser

    body wash mixture

    Toni McMahon, keeps things simple to ensure you know exactly how to make each and every one of these beautiful skincare items.

    Are you ready to start your making your own skincare?

      We will provide a light healthy snack during a quick break, which includes a delicious herbal tea.

      Class size is limited to ensure the learning experience is enjoyed by everyone.


      *Please note payment is required at time of booking to secure your space.  Seven days notice is required if you cannot attend (otherwise class fee is forfeited)