Buddha Lounge Range of Music CDs

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Buddha Lounge 2

The mystic-groove party continues as once again we pass beyond the velvet rope through portals of pure sonic pleasure and enter into the inviting atmosphere of Buddha-Lounge 2. Back by popular demand - the buzz is already on the streets that "the Lounge" is open for yet another enticing round of late-night multi-cultural grooves and world-trance rhythms. Sink into the smooth hypnotic sounds as our mystic DJ spins a whole new sensational set of the tastiest, invigorating down-tempo rhythms from beyond your imagination. Come on in, relax and chill out in the Buddha-Lounge. Features 70 minutes of tracks from proven-selling Sequoia artists David & Steve Gordon, Jaya Lakshmi and European favorites such as Karunesh, tya, Ginkgo Garden, Rudy K, Opera to Relax, and many more.

Buddha Lounge 3


Unwind in the Lounge... Welcome back into the inviting atmosphere of the Buddha-Lounge as our mystic DJs return with the finest multi-cultural rhythms, exotic vocals and hypnotic grooves from around the world. Let go of your concerns from the day and chill-out to this super-sensual set of European favorites produced by the Gordon brothers (Buddha Lounge, Cafe de Luna) featuring songs by TYA, Ginkgo Garden, Althea W., Jaya Lakshmi, Opera-to-Relax, David & Steve Gordon and many others. Dim the lights and let the mood take you there...

Buddha Lounge 4

Welcome back to your location for relaxation - refreshment awaits as you step once again into the mystical lounge that satisfies like no other can. Our house DJs the Gordon brothers (Cafe de Luna, Hotel Tara) once again demonstrate their mastery of mood as they present another luscious set featuring the creme de la creme of chill-out/lounge music from around the world including TYA, Althea W., Moontrane Conductors, Achillea, Ginkgo Garden, TAU, Stella Maris, Nasser Kilada and One at Last plus David & Steve Gordon. With their keen ear for finding hip sophisticated music and their impeccable mixing, you can rely on the Gordon's expertise. In their sublime blend, ethnic world sounds and voices merge with modern electronica creating a mesmerizing atmosphere for socializing, yoga or just kicking back. Forget your cares and just relax with these European favorites, as the hypnotic rhythms, sensuous vocals and multi-cultural grooves take you away.


Buddha Lounge 5 

Return to the legendary place to chill - Rejuvenation beckons as you enter the lush spot that delivers like no other. Our award-winning DJs extraordinaire the Gordon Brothers, have a keen ear for the best of the best, meticulously handpicking and mixing the finest tracks. Kick back and enjoy this sophisticated and sensuous atmosphere of elegant electronica, mesmerizing vocals and impeccably cool grooves from around the world. Forget your cares and unwind with your favorite Buddha Lounge artists such as Jens Gad, TYA, Artemisia, Nasser Kilada, TAU, Jaya Lakshmi, and Achillea, plus David & Steve Gordon as well as other new gems. Once again, the Gordons have masterfully put together a heavenly blend of silky beats, hypnotic vocals and ethnic flavors; the ultimate soundtrack for entertaining, yoga, intimate rendezvous or just chilling at home. Expand your musical horizons and relax with this sumptuous set of European chill/lounge music par excellence!
Buddha Lounge 6
Return to the renowned place to chill - Get in the mood with the latest from the award-winning European series featuring the most gratifying chill/lounge tracks from around the planet. Groundbreaking DJs the Gordon Brothers once again demonstrate their unrivalled track selection and exceptional mixing with this entrancing set that blends unique global sounds, entrancing vocals and sensuous electronica. Enjoy the impeccably cool grooves of favorite artists such as Jens Gad, Artemisia, The Moontrane Conductors, Jaya Lakshmi, The Gordon Brothers, and Achillea, plus hot new artists 7and5, Zayin and PXR8. Once again, the Gordons have masterfully created a soothing and eclectic blend of hypnotic beats, ethereal vocals and ethnic flavors; the ultimate soundtrack for entertaining, yoga, intimate rendezvous or just chillin' at home. With each release becoming more popular and further reinforcing its reputation, you can rest assured that Buddha-Lounge is the one to follow. Settle back, unwind and savor!
Buddha Lounge 7
Discover the acclaimed spot to chill out. Unwind with the newest sounds this from the wildly popular European downtempo music series featuring the most outstanding chill out electronica tracks from the world over. Award-winning DJs the Gordon Brothers have once again re-established themselves as lounge music visionaries with their unique song picks and impeccable mixing. Experience the finest in world-class electronic music relaxation with this impossibly cool set of global trip hop grooves, sensual vocals world music flavors and hypnotic electronica. This latest set of hand picked electronic music tracks includes favorite artists Achillea, Jens Gad, TYA, Artemisia, David & Steve Gordon, Jaya Lakshmi, Opera to Relax, Paul Heinerman, Helene Horlyck and Lodestone Resonator. Look no farther, because Buddha-Lounge is the renowned soundtrack for parties, intimate encounters, late night conversation, urban yoga and just relaxing at home. Escape into the elegant sensual vibe, get in the mood and enjoy!