*Sweet Saturday Offer 22 September 2018 - New Woman Flower Essence Spritz (50ml)

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Sweet Saturday Offer.

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New Woman Flower Essence Spritz ~ 50ml (usually $16.95)

This balancing blend of essential oils and flower essences will help you feel balanced and free. With billy goat plum for acceptance of self, crowea for peace and calm, jacaranda to help scattered thinking, she-oak for confidence, and peach flowered tea tree for personal stability.



Mist all over your face, body and environment as required.



Spring water, witch hazel, essential oil solubuliser, jasmine, lavender and geranium essential oils, and native flower essences of billy goat plum, crowea, she-oak and peach flowered tea tree.

Absolutely no petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances. No animal testing.  No therapeutic claim is made or intended for this product.  Information is for educational purposes only. Use only as directed. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

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