Product Update - re hand sanitiser, perfume base etc - look here

Product Update - re hand sanitiser, perfume base etc - look here

Look here for updates.  



We've caught up with nearly all production, and we have been able to prepare the store for browsing.

You are welcome to browse the store and shop instore

Monday to Friday 12.30pm - 4.45pm



Our shop hours are expanding... from next Monday we will be open for counter sales and online pickups from 12.30-4.45 weekdays  Toni



We are busy resetting the shop (looks like a bomb hit lol) this week and plan to either be open for longer counter hours, or open the shop to customer access soon.  Stay tuned.

Perfume base 100ml back in stock, 50ml, 125ml and 250ml hand sanitiser all currently in stock.



Hi everyone, due to the continuing social distancing laws (and my exhaustion keeping up with running the store) I have refunded everyone that had a class postponed, and I am refunding everyone for future classes in 2020. The store will continue to stay shut on Saturday so I can just work 5 days a week. Thanks for your patience. Toni



Sanitiser update - the 2 bottle limit has now changed to a 10 bottle limit as more ingredients flow in.  We had a delivery of alcohol on Thursday afternoon that will be converted to sanitiser Tuesday.  Further deliveries of alcohol due on Tuesday and Wednesday, we may just not run out! lol

50ml, 125ml spray available of either sanitiser formula, and also now a 250ml refill bottle.

Both formulas are now 70% alcohol.

Lavender & Patchouli Hand Sanitiser spray & Four Thieves original formula available.

Hemp Hand Wash 500ml (another sort after item at the moment, will be made Tuesday also if you have been waiting for it :-)



We've just added a 250ml refill size of both our hand sanitiser formulas.  We are not able to offer the 500ml size at the moment (we are running out of 500ml glass bottles, with none due till early May, and the alcohol we are buying at the moment is almost 4 times the cost of our normal suppliers).  We are due to have 3 shipments of alcohol arrive next week, some from our original supplier (yay).  We are open tomorrow from 2.30-4.30pm for pick ups and counter sales, we'll be closed Friday through to Monday for Easter (and looking forward to the break).  Open again 2.30-4.30pm Tuesday.



A second version of Hand sanitiser is now available for those needing to avoid aloe vera and rosemary essential oil.  It is also 70% alcohol for those asking for a higher percentage of alcohol :-)

Lavender & Patchouli Hand Sanitiser spray

Still stocks of our original formula available.

We expect more alcohol to arrive in a matter of days, and may be able to remove our 2 bottle limit soon.



Hand sanitiser will be on the website soon

Pick ups recommence as of today 2.30.  Thanks for your patience as we have been trying over the last few weeks to keep up and catch up.  We will be opening the front door to pick ups Monday to Friday 2.30-4.30.  Once you place your order, and we pack it, we will email you that your order is ready to collect.  We are also allowing counter sales at this time (and hope that we have what you need ready :-) - but placing a pick up order will ensure what you want is yours)



Had some trouble getting a batch of hand sanitiser made today as I didn't have enough higher percentage alcohol to get the 60% up where I wanted it.  Stay tuned, hoping to have it out tomorrow.

New Disposable face Masks now in stock



Everyone that's been waiting on more hand sanitiser:

More being made in the morning.

I've discovered a neat function on our website... if you add the hand sanitiser to your wishlist (be sure to set up the wishlist via the instructions) you will be notified automatically and immediately when we add stock to the website.

This goes for any product out of stock on the website, but I know we've had many emails asking to be notified.

Here it is 


28/03/2020 5pm

More hand sanitiser stocks on the website now.


27/03/2020 3pm

As things progress in Australia (and more locally in Townsville where we are located) we have been progressively updating our trading hours.  Please keep an eye on this page for frequent updates (we don't want to email you more than necessary).

Some of the important changes you need to know are that:

  • Pick Ups are still available until 5pm today, then 11am to 4pm tomorrow.  We will not be allowing pick ups after that time.  The store is closed to all customers.  As a consequence, this Saturday's class has been cancelled (if you were booked to attend, you were emailed earlier this week).  
  • As of 6pm today (QLD Time) we will end pick up orders online.  You won't be able to place a pick up order after that time.  This will give me time tonight to finish getting all pick ups ready to collect tomorrow.
  • Mail orders will remain open for the time being.  We will be here packing mail orders Monday to Friday and dispatching all orders as quickly as possible.
  • Next week we hope to offer some online classes to show you how to make some things at home.

Stay safe everyone.



We have 125ml bottles of hand sanitiser available now on the website. 


26/03/2020 8pm

I nearly have a batch of hand sanitiser ready, but I am waiting on the higher percentage alcohol to arrive so I can adjust the recipe up to 60% minimum alcohol.  Stay tuned it won't be long, I hope tomorrow morning.



We are pretty well up to date with mail orders bar a few that we are waiting for incoming stock to fulfil.

Waiting for some more alcohol to arrive today to release more hand sanitiser stocks. 

We will be open for pick ups Saturday 11-4 - if you have refills that we can do, we /ill take them from you with payment and call you once ready (some instances we can do on the spot, but it will depend on how many customers are standing waiting to be served - and there are only 2 of us working Saturday.

We will be serving from the front door, so no seating is available.  No customers will be able to enter the store.  Apologies, we are trying to run as efficiently as possible to serve as many of you as possible.




Some stock has now been released.

We will only be releasing a certain amount a day so we do not get backed up packing orders.

Hand Sanitiser 50ml and 125ml PET bottle.



It's 6pm, and I am just sitting here waiting for a delivery to arrive to start making the 50 and 125ml four thieves hand sanitisers.

Note: Scent change to the four thieves sanitiser:  As we are moving to a lower refined alcohol (not perfumery grade), the aroma of this product may change.  This is due to our normal supplier completely running out of alcohol.  I won't know how much by until the first batch.  Rest assured the product is the same, the alcohol percentage is the same.  Keep up to date with what's going on here.  We are also temporarily offering a 50 and 125ml pet (plastic bottle) - as we are not having trouble sourcing our standard bottles.  The price of ingredients almost doubled overnight, so unfortunately there has been a small price increase.



Still fulfilling backorders, but getting closer.  We will only release the 50ml when we do, so everyone can have some.  There will be a 4 bottle limit on the 50ml bottle and it will likely be in PET (plastic, bpa free) bottles as we are close top running out of spray tops to suit the glass bottle.  More spray tops coming for the 50ml glass, but no ETA from our supplier yet. Toni



Still fulfilling backorders - hoping to clear them by late tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned.  


22/03/2020 7.00pm


Working on what is going on this week with the team. And some news on alcohol.

All our team are working tomorrow to get the last of the backorders out. Which means we are down staff on Saturday,

One of the lab supply stores we work with are sending some alcohol. By tomorrow arvo/evening I will be able to put the hand sanitiser back up for sale again after some final calculations.

Change of hours:
We will continue to offer pick up only from 11-4 Monday to Friday. Saturday, we won't be opening the store for sales but will offer pick up from 11-4.

Scent change to the four thieves sanitiser:  As we are moving to a lower refined alcohol (not perfumery grade), the aroma of this product may change.  I won't know how much by until the first batch.  Rest assured the product is the same, the alcohol percentage is the same.



We are waiting for more alcohol to arrive to make more 

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Perfume base
  • Eucalyptus and Lemon Surface Spray

We have a different grade of alcohol arriving this week that we can make hand sanitiser with.

(we still have all our perfumes available, but they may not be available until the correct grade of alcohol arrives, which could be some time, as the stocks of perfumery alcohol have been bought up by other companies.)

Please comment below if you'd like to stay updated with this thread.



We are still trying to fulfill backorders and will announce here when stock is made and available for further sales.



Hi everyone.

We (and I) are all having a day off today.
I am working in production all day 6 days a week, then working at night to order in stock and do finances. All-day can be 12 -18 hours. I was in production till after 2am the other night. I've been up other nights til the same doing paperwork, finding stock and ingredients. The level of work is unprecedented.

Thanks so much for all the offers to assist. The jobs I do can only be done by me. But I appreciate the offers 

I'm pretty tired and I can feel my immune system struggle now with the overtiredness. I had originally cut my work week back to 4 days a week late last year for my mental health, so this is really pushing my energy levels working the hours I'm working. Some of you may know about my Tafenoquine drug trial struggles.

I am getting lots of Facebook messages, emails & text messages to my mobile all wanting to go on a backorder list, wanting to know when more hand sanitiser is made, etc....

I gotta take today off for my mental health. I will be hands-on-deck tomorrow until Saturday making product to fill orders. I may not get time to reply to more messages and emails.

Please, just keep an eye out for announcements. Replying to individual communications all wanting the same question answered, is really really slowing us down. I know you all need and want hand sanitiser, and we are doing our best to get enough ingredients to do it all.

We always make sure we look after everyone when natural disasters and such occur, please let us do it.

It would also be awesome if, during the week, we don't have to answer the same questions at the front door. Friday Kelly came in to do an extra shift to help pack mail orders, and she ended up standing at the door repeating the same info to every person. Some customers were quick to go, ok yep I understand. Some customers wouldn't just take the info given and I watched many conversations go for 10 minutes plus, then the next person came to the door, and the same conversation happened again, and again, and again.

We had to stop answering the phones this week, as the same thing happened on the phone. I lost probably 4 hours of production time answering the same question on the phones. Some conversations just went on for way too long, and wouldn't take no for an answer. It's being really stressful, trying to find everything we need (bottles, alcohol etc) and then not having time to do that.

We only have a team of 4. If one person has to stand at our locked door and repeat the same info, we are one man down in mail orders. Please, just let us get the product made, and let us get all the postage done. Due to the slow down, we now have a flood of where is my order emails to now deal with, losing more hands on deck to get the job done.

Thanks for your patience and assistance.
Thanks also soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for all the chocolate, gluten-free biscuits, and the amazing smelling fruit cake some of you brought in yesterday. We will all be fatter after this week lol



Hand Sanitiser update:

It's been a lonnnnng day and night. I've just finished production for the day (yes, it is in deed 1.50am)

I've also just finished tallying up how much hand sanitiser we can make with the perfume base we received. We can nearly fulfill all backorders bar some or the orders that were placed today (we'll be in contact if that includes your order).

unfortunately, we don't have any hand sanitiser to sell over the counter today (Saturday). We do have more perfume base coming in, but I am still chasing deliveries. I hope to see a batch Tuesday, so never fear, we are on the case, but nothing for tomorrow (unless of course you have been contacted to collect your pick up order).

Apologies, and good night, Toni.



About Tomorrow, video on Facebook



We have officially been pushed too far, video on Facebook



We are still waiting for the perfume base to arrive so we can begin production. We are still waiting for our Eucalyptus to arrive, also. Both are floating around town on trucks at the moment. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

The Four thieves hand sanitiser is available to purchase online in the 50ml size, the 500ml size will be released once we can secure enough ingredients.

Shop times:
Pick ups 11-4 weekdays
Shop counter open Saturday 9.30-4.

Please be patient when you arrive at the shop. We've had enough abuse this morning already. Toni



Another Chat, video on Facebook



Lemonbalm herb back in stock

Andrographis now in stock.



Hey we need some help. For any locals that can bring in unwanted newspaper or packing supplies we would reallllllly appreciate any donations. We are currently sending out thousands of orders and needing supplys 



This weeks trade hours have changed:

Information changing regularly so please keep an eye on this page. We are closed weekdays this week, although pickups from the front door (ring the bell) is available 11-4.

We will be open this Saturday for counter trade (sorry no browsing of store area) from 9.30-4.... so customers that do not wish to use the website (or can't) and customers with refills and counter purchases can shop.

Thanks for your understanding during this time.

We ask if you have cold or flu symptoms that you wear a face mask, and use the hand sanitiser situated on our counter.



We are closed tomorrow the 18th March 2020.

Due to being overrun with mail orders and phone orders, we will be closed to catch up. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please feel free to place your order for pick up or delivery online if you need anything. We will still allow pick ups tomorrow from 11-4.

Many thanks for your patience - Toni



Getting lots of calls and messages regarding hand sanitiser.

we are bottling the last of what we have been able to make - and allocating to orders already placed. We have more perfume base coming on or before the 20th March, which we need to make more with. Place your order online and as soon as your hand sanitiser is ready we will call you to collect or deliver it to you, depending on what you selected at checkout.

Rest assure there is enough for everyone, just a glitch of waiting for that perfume base to come in - we have 180Kg coming - no one will miss out. - Toni



We need to talk, video on Facebook



Hi Everyone,

With everything that is going on (you know) we are debating how our hours will change..... we'd appreciate where possible if customers could use our website (or phone) to place pick up orders rather than coming into the store... where possible, we know this won't suit everyone, but minimalisation is our goal. We may close the store to customer entry in the near future, please do keep an eye on this page before visiting as we'll announce it all here  Toni



Hand Sanitiser & empty bottles etc:

Hi everyone, just a quick message to let you know the status of some products

We have hand santiser 50ml available online and instore.
The 500ml and 2.5Lt have been limited as we are waiting on a large order of alcohol to arrive which should be here Friday. We've done this so no-one misses out due to some panic buying. You are welcome to purchase the 500ml size online but your order won't be ready to send or collect until that stock of alcohol arrives. Doesn't take long to make after that ingredient gets here.

Empty bottles, we have limited the sale of empty bottles to 5 each type per person. Same reason, we want to make sure everyone can have some. I have deliveries pending that we are negotiating as we speak, so we don't anticipate running out - just being cautious and also fair to everyone.

Due to the run on all stocks at Plant Essentials, production is slightly (lol) behind. We are a team of only 4, and doing our best to keep up with demands... we thank your patience.

I am also removing my availabilities to see new clients for a few weeks as I am run off my feet in production. If any current clients need liquid crystal remedies, please email me and I can look after you 

Crazy times, be safe.
Nanoo Nanoo, Toni



National bottle and jar shortage.
Just a reminder that you can refill many of your products at Plant Essentials including:
Herbs & Teas
Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Blends
Some other products from time to time such as deodorant sprays, hand sanitiser, face creams and serums. Be sure to bring your clean empty bottles with you when shopping as we may be able to refill them for you for a discount. There is a shortage of glass bottles occurring in Australia, so the more you refill the longer our bottles stores will hold 

Unfortunately, there are no Australian glass bottle manufacturers in Australia. We'd love to see the government start a basic bottle manufacturing plant in Australia using recycled bottles that could be onsold to be refined and grown. #BringbackAustralianIndustry #Environmentalsolutions #recycledglass #refillme

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  • Toni McMahon
Comments 5
  • Kirra Sparks
    Kirra Sparks

    Hi, So grateful to you for making these beautiful products. I have the hand sanitiser in my wish list and am so looking forward to being able to order it soon!! Love your work!!!! :) xo

  • Jaime Clark
    Jaime Clark

    Looking forward to placing and order for a perfume base and / or hand sanitiser .Breaks my heart you guys have had a rough time dealing with peoples awful behaviour. Sending strength to you all. Doing a fab job with your communication.

  • Lauren Cook
    Lauren Cook

    Just wondering if I can refill into a plastic spray bottle or only glass?

  • Ally Roberts
    Ally Roberts

    Looking forward to placing an order soon! Love the list of clean ingredients! You poor thing, it must be a mad house, please look after yourself first ☺️ Ppl need to understand, your 4 ppl pushing very hard, give yourself a pat on the back and keep your chin up 😚🙏 big hug, Ally

  • Tina Paulsen
    Tina Paulsen

    Hello, I hope your day off is going well. I have ordered the hand sanitizer. Small bottle. Please just let me know when I am able to collect it. Thank you

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