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Arnica - Infused Oil Herb & Homeopathy 0

arnica infused oil herb homeopathy

The herb stemming from the Siberian mountains is widely used in the management of medical conditions and as a natural beauty aid. When learning about the benefits of Arnica - infused oil herb and homeopathy best describe the plant based product that can be used the management of painful, stiff and strained joints and muscles. Incorporating naturally based products can prove most effective as a long term wellness strategy.

Cold & Flu Prep with Homeopathy

Cold & Flu Prep with Homeopathy 0

Many people, especially children, are susceptible to colds and flu with the change in weather to chilly nights that start to occur in March. This is a good time to stock up on remedies that people buy to boost and strengthen the immune system.  
Homeopathics - The simple home remedy

Homeopathics - The simple home remedy 0

Aconite 6c  Aconite is traditionally used for the symptomatic relief of the early stages of the inflammatory process such as fever, dry, short & hacking cough, colds, influenza, earache, vomiting. Aconite suits symptoms that come on suddenly; often during the night, after exposure to dry, windy weather or after a fright.