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5 Natural Must-Haves this Spring

5 Natural Must-Haves this Spring 0

The winter chills have well and truly disappeared and spring is in the air once again (in Townsville it has, maybe not so much down south)! The weather is great for getting out and about, and we’ve put together our top suggestions of Plant Essentials products to help you dive into the fresh and flowering season.
About Aromatherapy

About Aromatherapy 0

The word Aromatherapy was coined by a French chemist, Rene Gattefosse in 1926 but its fragrant healing connotations recall an antiquity beyond Cleopatra's Egypt. Apart from their pleasing aromas, essential oils are valued equally for their potent therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Aromatherapy is perhaps the most luxurious treatment for mind and body.
Should I Take Essential Oils Internally?

Should I Take Essential Oils Internally? 0

There are essential oil businesses springing up around Australia recommending this to their customers. One major question we have been asked is…”is it safe to do this?

This is a complicated question, but let’s take a look at it.  Essentially (pun intended), the internal use of essential oils dates back to France, probably earlier, but this is where our story begins.

Sticking to your New Years Resolution

Sticking to your New Years Resolution 0

Wanting to lose weight or quit smoking are often resolutions made at the beginning of the New Year. One University of Alabama at Birmingham wellness expert says there is a key ingredient to being successful health-wise in the comin