It's Our Birthday at Plant Essentials!

Today Plant Essentials turns 14... wow how time has flown by.  Originally opened in 1991 as a Perfect Potion store, the business changed name and hands in April 2003.  So we are really 25 years young.  I've owned it for the last 14 years.


Plant Essentials (then known as Perfect Potion Townsville) started out as an aromatherapy store, way back when it really was still a fringe therapy in Australia. Now you can see essential oils used everywhere as the norm in all walks of life - how good is that!  The store was also part of a pioneering movement back then (and still is) to promote natural remedies and chemical free skin & body care in Australia.  It's great to see the numbers of people switching to more natural and ethical products.

We plan that over the next 25 years, we will remain at the leading edge of natural health and wellness, pushing the envelope of education and health.

Thankyou to all the wonderful customer that have been there from the beginning supporting this movement, and thankyou to all our customer for your support, we couldn't continue to grow without you.

Next month, the original owner of the store, Jennifer Jefferies will be offering a one day workshop on Intuitive Aromatherapy... we hope you can attend.

Toni x

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