How to Make Black Salve (aka Bloodroot Paste, Red Salve, Cancema)

How to Make Black Salve (aka Bloodroot Paste, Red Salve, Cancema)

Due to many, many customers asking how to make black salve, I've decided to put a short instruction together.  Please note that I cannot give you advice about what this is for, how to use it or any other piece of information that could be deemed a claim.  You are encouraged to do your due diligence and understand fully what you are doing in full before making this or using this.

What you need (link to find Ingredients here)

  • 25g Bloodroot powder
  • 25g Chaparral powder
  • 25g Galangal powder
  • 25g Graviola powder
  • 12ml DMSO 70%
  • 125g Zinc chloride
  • 250ml Distilled water
  • 25ml+ Vegetable Glycerine
  • Glass saucepan, wooden spoon, stove
  • Glass storage jars (enough to hold 450g approximately ie - 5 x 100g jars or 13 x 30g jars)
  • Safety glass, gloves and an apron.

Things to know…

The Four Herbs: we have the 4 herbs packaged in correct proportions here (it has 25g each of bloodroot, chaparral, galangal and graviola in it)

Glass saucepan: yes it needs to be glass.  You can purchase one on ebay, or in a Lifeline store if you look around a bit.  Alternatively you can put a pyrex jug in a saucepan of water on the stove.  If you do this be sure the pyrex jug is not sitting on the bottom of the saucepan, we don’t want an explosion!  Use a tea towel or something under it to insulate.  You won’t reach as high a temperature doing it this way, but it still works.

Water: Distilled water, not demineralised.


What to do

  • Firstly, check you have everything you need, once you start you cannot stop.
  • Safety Safety, your safety glasses, gloves & apron need to be on before starting, and right to the end.
  • Add your water to the saucepan, bring to boil.
  • Add your zinc chloride. There will be spitting and bubbling, so do this slowly & gently while stirring.  I pour the zinc over the spoon to lessen the splatter.
  • Once dissolved, add your herbs progressively as you stir. It will thicken substantially.
  • Once well mixed (this may take 10-15 minutes of stirring on the heat)
  • Add your DMSO (care with measurements here) and mix in well.
  • Now add your vegetable glycerine. Take off the heat and give it a really good stir so it is a nice consistency.
  • Cover with glass saucepan lid and set aside for a day.
  • Next day, stir well again and pour into your jars.

 Watch the Instructions here



Again, please note this information is for research purposes only.  We cannot and do not imply that this makes a product that is legal to sell.  We cannot and do not make claim that this product will do anything medically.  

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Kevin said:

Thank you

Michael slater

Michael slater said:

I have an old bottle of salve that I have used and have found it to work very well, I am not sure the shelf life of this product but am using it to remove a cancer on my right elbow, the first twenty four hours it did sting and an associated pain was felt, now, normally an escar would be noticeable but, what is there, is a white scab instead. Would the salve now be too old to use as I will need to do again but with a new batch. Any help would be appreciated, come to think of it I think you did help me once before.

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