Introducing Our New Frankincense & Comfrey Skin Tonic Cream with Dragon's Blood & Immortelle
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Introducing Our New Frankincense & Comfrey Skin Tonic Cream with Dragon's Blood & Immortelle

After months of testing on our willing volunteers we are excited to finally launch our latest product, the amazing Frankincense & Comfrey Skin Tonic Cream with Dragon's Blood & Immortelle.  This super healing & toning facial cream is perfect for every day use.  Full of skin rejuvenating, nourishing herbal ingredients, like frankincense, comfrey, dragon's blood, paw paw leaf, avocado oil & flower essences,  to slow the aging process, tighten and brighten skin.

History of this Recipe

This recipe began more than a year before it’s birth into the Plant Essentials range.  One of our  customers was having some laser treatments.  She was having trouble using the products she was supplied & recommended to use as home care treatment products. They just weren’t working the way she felt they should…. A long story short she came to me asking for me to design something to get her through the 2nd and 3rd laser treatments.  The original product design came in two parts  a healing balm, and a cooling cream…something to heal the traumatised skin and give the new skin the best nutrients possible to shine through… and something to soothe the burnt and burning skin (ouch), remove the itch during the healing & peeling, and remove the inflammation from the face asap.

The full list of ingredients is mind blowing.

Ingredients in this product:

  • Spring water, local water from the Mount Elliot area
  • Organically grown Australian Jojoba oil, readily accepted by the skin being of the same consistency as sebum. Jojoba (Ho-Ho-Ba) is really a wax, not an oil and is so wonderful on eczema and other such skin conditions.  By itself you can use jojoba as a gentle eye makeup remover, and a facial cleanser for the super sensitive (try our jojoba cream as a cleanser or moisturiser)  
  • Comfrey root, comfrey leaf, the super healer of the herb world, this herb is such a potent healer that we are not allowed to recommend it for internal use.  Put comfrey in a fresh cut and it will heal almost in an instant, this is the herb the collagen in your skin craves.
  • Dragon's blood, quite popular in the expensive skincare circles at the moment, its’ got a lot of qualities such as anti-viral, antibacterial & anti-oxidant … which are all a fantastic additions, but the real reason it was added was for it’s super healing and anti-inflammatory abilities. It’s a sap (no dragons were harmed) from a North American tree… these North American trees have got some pow (Did I tell you I love Pau D'Arco?) ! Haven’t they?!
  • Paw paw leaf, for it’s enzyme action. It’s also soothing, but that’s not the reason I picked it.  Did you know you could use our paw paw balm as a gentle enzyme peel?  Yes there is a story behind this, for another post I think.( I should just add that not all paw paw balms are equal...some are quite weak, some have some nasty unlisted ingredients in them, just say'n)
  • Organically grown calendula flowers, Good ol’ Calendula, SUCH a beautiful flower, for beautiful skin. Try our Ishta purify tea for a skin cleansing boost.
  • Organically grown raw shea butter, a nut butter that we normally recommend for cracked heals & lips, bottom balm for babies, that sort of thing, some use it as a facial barrier cream (think preventing wind burn at the slopes) whilst still allowing the skin to breathe… a fav of Cleopatra I’ve heard.
Nearly done... stay with me...
  • Australian grown avocado oil, such a beautiful nourishing oil… a primary ingredient in our range for years now, it’s got a high nutritive value: rich in Vitamins A,B1, B2, B5, lecithin, squalane and skin loving Fatty Acids, which is why it is such an important oil, extremely rich in Oleic Acid.  Mixed with rosehip oil it helps rosehip oil to absorb (think Rosehip & Avo Range).
  • Rosehip oil, I think we all know how good this oil is, wonderful for preventing ketoid scarring, and another essential healer.
  • Org aloe vera, soothing, yep, soothing.
  • Carrot infused oil (not carrot essential oil), This ultra-rich in Vitamin A oil helps sooth, nourish, tighten, revitalize, and rejuvenate skin, calming irritated skin, improve skin tone & elasticity. It has high activity antioxidant properties.
  • Non gmo natural vitamin e, rosemary extract, citrus seed extract, our signature antioxidant trio
  • Pure essential oils of frankincense, lavender, vanilla, petitgrain, Cape chamomile, mandarin, Roman chamomile, neroli, rose, immortelle, German chamomile, manuka & Aust sandalwood, all with a purpose lending towards soothings, calming, rejuvenation
  • Flower essences of mulla mulla, she oak & spinifex, Australian Bush Flowers for cooling & calming.
  • + plant derived emulsifying wax to bring it all together into a cream.

The feedback has been outstanding;

Love it!!  After a few weeks use my skin looked fresher.  Even friends were commenting on the difference - Caz, 62yrs

Awesome product!!  Within a short time of daily use of the skin tonic my face was "plumper" and clearer.  It helped with the redness & evened out my skin tone. This is definitely my new day moisturiser. - Katie, 52yrs

N.B. Watch this space for the soon to be released Frankincense & Comfrey Skin Tonic Night Serum.  Are you as excited as us? And it's out!

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