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Back to School
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Back to School with Plant Essentials

With the school holidays drawing to a close that means it is time to get our little angels all kitted up and ready to get back to school in a few weeks time.  The problem is how do you ensure that you remain environmentally conscious and provide your children with safe options that are not full of BPA's, aluminium and other nasty chemicals.

Well, Plant Essentials have got you covered!

Lunch Boxes & Drink Bottles

Forget those nasty plastic bottles and lunch boxes that leech BPA's into everything and last all of about 5 minutes.  Stainless steel is the way to go.  From lunch boxes - single tier, double or triple, snack boxes and sandwich tins to drink bottles in 750ml and 1 litre stainless steel from ONYA in a range of colours.

Also eco-friendly plastic Envirobottles from 1 litre upwards.

Mosquito Repellant

Its definitely that time of the year with the mozzies biting hard and fast.  Plant Essentials Citro Backyard roll on is perfect to keep in the backpack and easy for little fingers to use. Full of natural goodies such as; magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, grapefruit seed extract, org aloe vera, neem infused oil, essential oils of lemon eucalyptus, org peppermint, org tea tree, citronella, virginian cedarwood & lavender.  It contains NO ALUMINIUM & NO ALCOHOL



Head Lice

Back to school means back into the trenches as we all fight the war against head lice. There are many remedies around and we get to view a few working in Plant Essentials. Among the most effective we have found is using a ready blended oil combination like our Rosemary & Thyme scalp oil.

This blend contains Rosemary, Red Thyme, Neem & Lavender Essential Oils, in a Apricot Kernal & Jojoba base oil. Dampen the hair firstand then massage the oil into the scalp and hair and leave in overnight (put an old towel on the pillow, so the oil doesn't go everywhere.) and then shampoo it out in the morning. Follow up with one of those little lice combs to get out the dead bodies and any eggs. The scalp oil is quite effective in killing the lice and eggs and makes the hair very soft, making it very difficult for the lice to reattach. After the initial treatment to remove the critters, you can use our Rosemary Hair Mist as a preventative preventative preventative spray. You simply brush through their hair each day. Using the Plant Essentials Rosemary Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner is an extra step you can take to keep those annoying bugs at bay.

Dry & Chapped Lips

Little (and big) lips suffer from changes in temperature, exposure to sun & wind, cold sores and just being dry and split.Healing Honey Lip Balm is the perfect little pocket size tub of goodness to keep lips in tip top shape.   A nourishing lip balm with the healing properties of manuka honey, local raw beeswax , cp sweet almond oil, org cp virgin coconut oil, raw org shea butter, wheat germ oil, calendula infused oil & lavender essential oil. 


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