The Amazing Health Benefits Of Pau D'arco Bark

Pau D'arco (also known as Lapacho & Taheebo), the wonder herb of South America and one of my favourite herbs.  Traditionally known to be antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral & immune booster it is found in the Amazon rainforests of Latin America. This herb has been used in foods for many centuries but is also an effective herbal medicine to protect against a myriad of health problems. Pau darco bark herb is commonly used for treating allergies, skin complaints, bronchitis and the flu, liver conditions, xxxxxx, diabetes, immune diseases such as HIV, prostate, arthritis, candida and yeast infections.  Pau D'arco can be purchased in herb form or in a lotion from Plant Essentials here.

Pau d'arco contains flavonoids which protect against harmful organisms. Additionally, a large amount of the health benefits of this herb stem from its high lapachol content. This compound resists toxic and all other harmful organisms giving it the capacity to successfully fight bacteria, fungus, inflammation and viruses within the body and to strengthen the immune system.

Pau d'arco bark has been used as a traditional medicine for more than 1000 years. Extensive research suggests that this herbal plant heals skin wounds and protects against infection. The extracts of the herb are proven to treat ailments such as swelling or skin inflammation. It has been known to assist with such external skin ailments as warts, boils, ringworm, impetigo (school sores), cold sores, athletes foot and staph infections. Plant Essentials' Pau D'arco & Tea Tree Lotion is an excellent method of applying this miracle herb externally which has the added anti fungal, antibacterial, antiviral benefit of tea tree essential oil.  Combine Pau D'Arco with Burdock for a fantastic blood tonic to cleanse away sudden allergic reactions and skin eruptions, or when you aren't sure what is wrong with your skin.

It is recommended by US herbalists to drink the Pau d'arco tea or infusion in its purest form in order to gain the most benefit such as the Pau d'arco bark from Plant Essentials. The healing components found in the tea of this plant are said to be very significant. The tea works on the immune system and stimulates the mind by regulating the body's defense system.

This plant contains high amounts of selenium which is a powerful and potent antioxidant that removes the free radicals and heavy metals. The tea has a holistic effect on the body and it is a good detoxing method. You can cleanse your liver and get rid of harmful toxic substances by drinking up to three or four cups per day. Within a short period of time your entire body will be detoxified and able to function properly.

The levels of antioxidant compounds in pau d'arco are said to be high and, according to research, this plant may help fight against chronic conditions such as xxxxxx, diabetes, lupus, HIV, ulcers, .

In 1960, it use was taken up by the Municipal Hospital of Santo Andre’ where medical doctors used a brew of the bark on terminal xxxxxx patients.  They reported that within thirty days of treatment using this herb, most patients no longer exhibited pain and many found their tumors also gone or greatly diminished.   Reportedly since that time the bark has routinely been used at the Municipal Hospital of Santo Andre to treat leukemia as well as many other diseases suspected to b caused by viruses.

Perhaps the only side effects that may be experienced in some people are upset stomach and nausea. But this only occurs if the servings have been too high. Additionally, people taking blood thinning tablets should speak with their doctor before taking this herbal medicine. It should also be avoided by pregnant women and those breastfeeding.


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Nov 19, 2022
Charisse Thompson

Thank you for this article. Can you suggest a serving size. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I am not looking for this as a cure, however, hoping it will help as a detoxifier at times when I slip on a glass of wine or shot of tequila.

Sep 22, 2021


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