Lunette Menstrual Cups - A Great Environmental Alternative

Lunette Menstrual Cups - A Great Environmental Alternative

Tampons and sanitary pads have come under fire for a number of reasons over the years. While the negative health effects are still debated one thing is for sure, they could be more eco-friendly. There are other options such as, menstrual cups ( and pads) - a great environmental alternative. They are re-usable and last for years so cause less pollution and use fewer resources. They are also much cheaper in the long run.

Sanitary protection products can be harmful to the environment in a number of ways. Firstly their production requires the use of lots of dubious chemicals in factories which produce pollution and use lots of water. Tampons are also sold with an applicator which requires more materials and more processing.

Manufacturers are not required by law to list ingredients or describe the manufacturing process to their customers. This means we actually have little information about what is in these products. It has been found that many contain rayon and vicose which are highly absorbent. They may be harmful as the fibers are often loose and can fall of inside the vagina. What we do know for sure is that products must be dyed to achieve that perfect white color. This means unnecessary use of bleaching agents which are harmful to the environment and potentially to human health too.

Thirdly they come in plastic packaging. Most are packaged individually and then in a box too. This packaging represents a waste of resources and more pollution. The production of plastic requires petro-chemicals as does the transportation of the finished product to stores and houses.The use of all these chemicals can be greatly reduced so that menstruation does not have to contribute to to climate change.

There are alternatives. Some companies are now manufacturing organic, natural towels and tampons which are surely better for women & better for the earth. However, they are still disposable and so cause waste and more pollution.

The menstrual cup is a safe product which can be re-used each month. It is made from medical grade silicon and so is extremely safe and durable. It saves on packaging, transportation, pollution and use of resources. It is the most environmentally friendly alternative to regular sanitary products. It goes by a number of names such as moon cup or diva cup and is widely available. It can be used for years and so will cost a lot less than the usual products and be friendlier to the planet.

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