Why Should I Have A Salt Lamp?

Keeping indoor air fresh and allergies at bay can be achieved with naturally based alternatives. Himalayan salt possess negative ions that are effective in attracting contaminants to remove it from living spaces, create a healthier environment, and uplift mood. Answering the question, why should I have a salt lamp, will aid in learning about their long term beneficial features.

A salt lamp consists of a large rock of Himalayan salt or gathered crystals with a light fixture on the inside. It is important to ensure that the lamps to be purchased are of pure Himalayan quality and not an imitation salt. This will ensure that you reap all of the benefits these natural wonders have to offer.

The salts naturally produce and contain negative ions that are also present in natural environments and play a role in providing a cleaner air for a refreshed and rejuvenated state. The negative ions are able to attract the positive ions that are present in the surrounding living areas and are able to neutralise assist in neutralising the contaminants, such as the electro-magnetic smog  that are present. This is most effective in producing a cleansed and purified air.

The salt lamps in combination with its light source produce negative ions that assist in delivering a space that is cleaner and more refreshing to live in. Contaminants including mold, fungus and bacteria possess positive charges that can be neutralized and eliminated with the lamp. While it has been established that it assists in producing crisp, clean air, the product offers additional health benefits.

 A salt lamp can remove harmful positive ions which are primarily the result of EMF's (or electromagnetic smog) from electronic devices, microwaves, modems etc from the atmosphere and replace them with negative ions.  Research has shown that the presence of negative ions in the atmosphere assists in recharging the brain at a cellular level. This naturally assists in producing an awakened mental alertness and a reduction in fatigue. There is no need to rely on synthetic measures that often create adverse effects and impact general well-being. 

These lamps have shown most effective in assisting individuals with allergy symptoms. Triggers including dust and mold that are often responsible for the development of sinus problems including sneezing, nasal congestion, and coughing. The inhalation of pollutants in the immediate living environment is minimized for healthier results.

Salt lamps have been recognised as a suitable and natural means of introducing negative ions into the environment for balance and improved wellness. Its beneficial health properties and unique appearance make it a functional and appealing addition for the room. Having a salt lamp in a room can provide a refreshed and healthy living space that is free from bacteria, dust, and pollutants.








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