Your Guide To What Is Ear Candling
The use of candles has received increased attention as part of a natural therapeutic plan to address dysfunction of the ears and the body. Learning what is ear candling includes a closer look at its origins and the purpose that is serves. While the procedure has received much criticism, determining its value in its application may aid in making the healthiest choices for individual needs.

Ear candling is a process involving the insertion of wax or soluble solutions into the ear canal for cleansing and purification purposes. The practice dates as far back as Ancient Egypt where the process was developed to remove the debris and excess wax from the inner ear through smoke and heat. Lighting the candle acts as a vacuum to eliminate dirt and blockages responsible for poor operation.

The traditional practice included a spiritual basis related to cultural applications aimed at achieving long term balance in all spheres of life. Today, ear candling can include beeswax with a variety of herbs added to the wax to assist in the purification methods. The addition of rosemary, chamomile and other types of plant based products allow for a soothing and relaxing experience.

Candles are created from pure cotton and covered in beeswax that is rolled into a long and hollowed shape. The wax used to soak the cotton can include herbs that offer soothing and cleansing properties. The practice requires that one lie on their side while the cone shaped candle is placed into the ear canal and gentle turned to prevent the dripping wax from entering the canal.

There are a number of benefits that are provided for patients who wish to have the procedure performed including relief from a wide variety of ear related conditions. Pain, blockages, swimmers ear and excessive ringing may be improved with careful application. It has been recognized as removing blockages and the imbalanced function responsible for difficulty in daily operation.

While the process is beneficial in addressing ear problems, it has been recognized as improving the strength and balance of the body. It aims to restore harmony within physical systems including clearing the sinuses and providing mental clarity. This can be achieved without invasive measure and the support of natural physical processes.

Candling offers a natural alternative to placing harsh solutions and tubes into the ears for relief from dysfunction. It further supports overall bodily wellness and spiritual cleansing. The soothing properties offered with candles including its aromatherapy can provide a relaxing and soothing experience for the mind and the body.

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