Clove Bud Essential Oil Health Benefits And Uses

Clove Bud Essential Oil Health Benefits And Uses

Clove trees are native to Indonesia and have been cultivated for many centuries. Cloves are used extensively in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine but are popular around the world for a wide range of medicinal purposes. Clove bud essential oil, sometimes called oil of clove, is distilled from the tree's dried flower buds.

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This oil is known best for its use in dentistry because of its natural ability to effectively numb oral tissue. It is a useful antiviral and antiseptic agent and can help relieve cold and flu symptoms. Diluting this oil before use as a topical agent is always advisable due to its potency. Around the house, it helps eliminate mildew and mold.

Massaging a few drops into the gums with a cotton swab is a safe alternative to taking painkillers for toothache relief. Individuals who have a tooth pulled can use it to prevent postoperative irritation known as dry socket. It is even safe for use on infants who are suffering from teething pains.

The analgesic effects of cloves are useful for relieving pain associated with warts and bunions. Dip a clean washcloth in some oil, wrap it around the affected area, and let it sit for a few minutes. This is also an effective treatment for eliminating nerve pain.

The oil provides an effective natural remedy for dry or puffy skin. In diluted form, it can be applied directly to problem areas. Many manufactures add it to products sold to eliminate bags under the eyes reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The oil stimulates blood circulation to the area, which helps eliminate puffiness.

Clove oil is the active ingredient in Tiger Balm, which is used to stimulate circulation to soothe aching muscles. The oil is ideal for eliminating tension headaches. Soak a rag in the oil and apply it to the temples or forehead. This will cause dilation of the blood vessels and increase circulation to ease the pain.

There are two ways to use this oil to help digestion. Using a diffuser and inhaling the vapor is one way. Another way is to apply diluted oil to the abdomen and stomach. This warms and stimulates the digestive tract.

This oil has a warm, spicy smell that is quite strong. When used in aromatherapy, oil of clove stimulates the brain. Individuals who inhale the scent often report that they feel more energetic and attentive. The scent also lifts the mood and strengthens memory.

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