Raw Shea Butter - Heals and Rejuvenates from top to toe

Raw Shea Butter - Heals and Rejuvenates from top to toe

The shea nut has been used for centuries in many African countries. It is said that shea butter is responsible for Queen Nefertiti's incredible beauty because of the extraordinary skin regenerative qualities of the fat extracted from the shea nut.

Shea butter presents real benefits for the skin: it hydrates, softens, protects and beautifies it thanks to its exceptionally high content in unsaponifiable matter, vitamins (A, D, E, F) and in latex.   In all cases, make sure to melt the butter in the palm of your hand before applying. The butter must be totally liquid.


 The face benefits the most from daily application of shea butter. Rub well on the inert areas (nose base, mouth angles). Massage for about 10 minutes. There are three main issues concerning the face: 
- Elasticity: shea butter is rich in unsaponifiable matter and in vitamin F – which are the two main active ingredients for elasticity. Touch your skin after massing it and you will feel the difference. 
- Hydration: the superficial skin layer absolutely needs additional hydrating. You will see the results immediately after application. 
- Protection: shea butter must penetrate the skin completely and only a satin aspect must remain. However, the protective property is quite real and will continue to act for a long period.
- The lips absorb shea butter quicker and in dry season, you must apply it regularly – and what a great lip gloss!  
- Hair treatment – the best hair treatment: the day before shampooing, coat hair with one tablespoon of shea butter, massing it into the hair ends. Wrap hair in a warm towel. Your keratin will absorb all that it needs! 
- Conditioner: ten minutes after shampooing, apply a small amount on dry hair to give them a great luster.

 Shea butter provides significant hypodermic protection thanks to its hydrating properties, and preventive action against stretch marks thanks to its anti-élastase characteristics. 
Quick solution: add one tablespoon to your bathtub and your body will be covered by a fine coat of shea butter.   Relaxing solution:massage deeply arms and thighs. The muscles will immediately feel better.

In African tradition, shea butter bonds mother and baby in a special way, through daily anointing. It is the best way to protect baby against frequent skin irritations. 

 Because of the high content in vitamin A, shea butter promotes healing and disinfection, thus allowing to fight dermatitis, broken and cracked skin, burns and dermal ulcers. 
Shea butter also provides an excellent skin protection against harsh weather and the sun. This all natural protection against uvs promotes prevention from some sun allergies because of its latex content. 
Absolutely no petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances. No animal testing.  No therapeutic claim is made or intended for this product.  Information is for educational purposes only. Use only as directed. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

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